Deyang coach car lost control and injuring three people following treatment disputes (Figure) Shifang: driving school coach car lost control and hit the three car three people wounded in May this year, we reported in Shifang (micro-blog) has a driving school coach car injured three people. Although the past 4 months, but the subsequent treatment of the injured two students have encountered problems. In May 18, 2016 8 in the morning, accidents occurred in Shifang City Anxiang driving: a coach car Lianzhuang three car out of control, and injured two students and a coach, among them, two students were seriously injured. The school said, when the incident, is a student driving the accident in the coach car, the car also has a coach. 4 months after the incident, the injured students follow-up treatment in trouble. 19 am, the reporter saw the injured man sitting in a wheelchair wang. She was injured with a steel plate and 8 screws on her right thigh, and could not stand at all, said Wang, who had a big leg and a small one. The 20 year old Wang head was in Chengdu, speaking of this bizarre accident, Wang is still a lingering fear, she said, when the coach car speed quickly, is itself directly Zhuangfei, wake up when you have been on the ground. Wang on the right thigh comminuted fractures, multiple contusions. After surgery, Wang hospitalized for more than 1 months, in the doctor’s advice, the hospital home rehabilitation treatment. Wang during hospitalization, driving party paid a fee, but after driving, did not pay a penny, this a few months, she went to the hospital to check from time to time, when, all of these costs are out of their own pockets. In the heart of Xiao Wang, money is secondary, she is more worried about their legs can recover. Next year, according to the recovery of the second surgery, remove the plate and screws. Another injured Ms. Zhang’s right leg to recover a little better, with crutches, she can walk tens of meters. Ms. Zhang and Wang with a coach car. Before the incident, she has been practicing in a circle area, just off the car and came to Wang did not say a word, right leg was also knocked to the ground, fracture, right forehead and a long hole, on the same parts of contusion. Ms. Zhang said, she was in the hospital for 3 months, spent 30 thousand yuan, the coach car master and driving side only pay more than 10 thousand of the cost. Because the money owed more than 2 yuan, the hospital ceased to Ms. Zhang to continue treatment. About the treatment fees and related economic compensation, two injured students repeatedly find driving party consultation, but did not reach an agreement. Driving a responsible person said, the two sides indeed conducted several consultations, but the injured and the families of the requirements are too high, it is not reasonable to be acceptable, driving. The responsible person said, the original part of advance treatment costs for purely humanitarian, their treatment costs can be resolved through the insurance. He also suggested that the legal rights to go the right way, not to disturb the normal teaching order driving with aggressive behavior. Deyang (micro-blog) radio and television reporter Lin Yongbing Shifang station,相关的主题文章:


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