Find the value of gold and silver coin sets: Tang Xianzu was born September 14th, Shanghai China Gold retail center held China ancient Dramatists (Tang Xianzu) coin designer and member interaction activities. Activities, Tang Xianzu gold and silver coins designer Fang Fang shared her design ideas and creative experience, so that the gold coin lovers on the birth process of gold and silver coins have a more in-depth understanding of the process of understanding of the birth of the gold and silver coins in the process of the birth of the gold and silver coins in the process of the birth of the gold and silver coins, the more in-depth understanding of the process of the birth of the gold and silver coins of the. In Chinese ancient Dramatists (Tang Xianzu) gold and silver coins, 30 grams of silver by love Jicang enthusiasts. The silver in the "Peony Pavilion" and "dream" in typical scenes in the play as the main background, vividly portray the. Let’s listen to the designer and sculptor’s creative experience. As a masterpiece of Romanticism in the history of Chinese drama, "Peony Pavilion" has not been played for several hundred years. Select one of the most classic picture in the confusion between how from "the Peony Pavilion" fifty-five play, this is the biggest problem in preliminary discussions to solve, and finally determines the "dream for currency theme. Key words: love designers about the creation of "Peony Pavilion" all is around a "feeling", especially in the "dream of the most amazing, therefore, in this coin on how to express emotion creation, with emotion, with emotion, is the second phase I think deeply about the problem. In the overall design of the currency, I try to use the brush to show the original poetic fantasy drama rich, hazy world. Bound in reality Du Liniang by the feudal, although 28 years, like spring, but no one appreciate, heart full of loneliness and solitude. However, when she and Liu Mengmei met in the misty dream, graceful willows, blooming peony, two love, loving, evil tenderness, tenderness. It is the second day of joy, prompting Du garden and then revisit their dreams, dreams fail, even death finally fell ill, died. Key words: Creative dreamer dream is the protagonist of the beautiful Niang, so I will be located in the picture before Liu Li niang. Du Liniang holding a peony fan, charming charming demeanor, did not dare to look at Liu Mengmei with the eye, let yourself lost in the back half of the fan, as if next second will be turned. Liu Mengmei behind Du Liniang, Woo Toshiro, bold eyes looked straight at Du Liniang, left hand twist a willow to her. Liu Sheng’s right hand to take the shoulder of the beautiful mother, and this action happens to be blocked by the fan, the formation of a subtle affection. But the left leg lifts, the picture in the static and the great lady young scholar of dynamic contrast, that bloom beautiful Niang dream in life is to be wary of. Besides Du Liniang dressed in costumes, flower frame, double breasted style, in order to give people the feeling relaxed freely. With two vertical lines down, giving a smooth, slender beauty. Half grown broad collar, cuff sleeves, left and right hip slits, knee, embroidered with individual patterns. Liu Mengmei Devine, head of sanitary napkins, towel hanging streamers, dressed in oblique gown, supporting collar patterns for the plum blossom, and foot length, wide cuff sleeves, in order to give people a sense of joy and comely. Li Niang lively and Liu students elegant contrast, from the figures reflect the identity of the clothes at the same time, also show that s相关的主题文章:


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