Vacation-Rentals South Asia sub-continent in terms of geography but in terms of tourism, there is the universe itself. Can be proved by the fact that the early small kingdom in the Himalayas, and little is known of Bhutan. Bhutan is a beautiful country in eastern Nepal, and they obscure area for tourists. It puts travelers in awe of the mountain passes to him, and ambiguities unexplored forests and beautiful valleys and the less well-known Buddhist monasteries. For those who enjoy the natural beauty that is being touched by modern tourism industry, and a visit to Bhutan is a must. Bhutan and the snow-capped mountains, historic monuments, archaeological sites valleys and incredible to offer visitors. A great advantage is that Bhutan holiday never cheap. In addition to the capital, Thimphu, Paro, Punakha, Bumthang, Trongsa, Gasa are places worth exploring. Here is a list of the most famous tourist destinations in Bhutan and it is important to add that this list is endless because it is known about this country is unknown, it is not known. Centenary Farmers Market: is located in the capital, which is one of the largest facilities in the country. This is the market of vegetables and fruit, which gives an overview of the vast diversity of wildlife that this small country in the Himalayas offers. Tashichhoe Dzong: The Dzong Tashichhoe is where the most important tourist in Thimphu. Which means literally "Fort glorious religion", this white building houses offices and wash the throne of King of Bhutan. It also includes the offices of the Ministers of Interior and Finance. Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (RAPA): built this institution in order to maintain and develop the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan in the field of performing arts. And provides training in the traditional dances of Bhutan include the famous mask dances. National Textile Museum of Bhutan has a rich culture of tissue and the museum is located in Thimphu will provide an overview of it. National Museum: located in Barrow, and provides an overview of the rich culture and history. National Memorial Chorten (Stupa): The trip to Bhutan would be in.plete without a visit to this architectural masterpiece. As is well known as Chorten and Thimphu is the most obvious symbol of religion in Bhutan. In addition to these well-known places, and there is a list of other famous places to visit include: National Institute of Traditional LibraryNational MedicineSimtokha DzongDechen Phodrang MonasteryDechencholing PalaceTango MonasteryCheri MonasteryBuddha DordenmaClock SquarePunakhaJigme Dorji National Tour ParkKurje LhakhangChimi LhakhangTakstang Lhakhang LhakhangKyichu This round will not be .plete without a rafting, trekking, and walking long distances. I hope to Visit my Blog : Ancient Egypt | Ancient Egypt Map | Egypt Wiki 相关的主题文章:


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