Due to excessive pressure of Wenzhou senior high school entrance examination before 15 years old boy suddenly left ear deaf for a hearing protection, how to keep and use cochlear exchange, recently in Wen Medical University Affiliated Hospital held. Reporters learned from the exchange, in patients with deafness, due to excessive pressure, sudden changes in blood pressure and other causes of sudden deafness accounted for 15%. Deputy director of the Department of ENT temperature otology Medical University Affiliated Hospital group leader, Dr. Chen Xiaoyun said, he had received a 15 year old boys, for senior high school entrance examination before the pressure is too large, continuous review plus a day late at night, the boys wake up, suddenly found the left ears can’t hear what. To the hospital for a check, the left ear has been close to the deaf. After treatment, although his hearing has improved, but still need to wear a hearing aid. According to reports, congenital deafness accounted for only 10% of the deaf patients, the rest are acquired deafness, such as hereditary deafness, suppurative otitis media caused by deafness or long-term wear headphones or singing in the KTV caused deafness. Which due to wearing headphones or KTV singing addiction caused deafness, accounting for 5%~6%. Chen Xiaoyun introduction, bilateral severe or very severe sensorineural hearing loss, wearing a hearing aid effect is not good, you can consider cochlear implants to restore hearing. The effect of bilateral cochlear implant is better than that of unilateral implantation, but because of the difficulty of operation and high cost, the majority of patients will choose unilateral cochlear implant. Since the cochlear implant is not included in the scope of medical insurance reimbursement, so many patients with cochlear implant surgery to children. "Last year, the cost of patient care was greatly reduced after cochlear implants were reimbursed." The boy Chen (a pseudonym) after birth, suffering from congenital bilateral deafness, can not hear any sound. In the early morning 1 years and 3 months time, Wen Medical University Affiliated Hospital, the doctor gave him a unilateral cochlear implant surgery. After more than a year of adaptation and training, now the CNR can not only call Mom and Dad, but also like a normal child. It is understood that this is the warm Medical University Affiliated Hospital, the minimum age of children with cochlear implants.相关的主题文章:


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