Embarrassed? 33 year old Michelle Chen, 37 year old Tong Dawei tube baby voice call father – "Grandpa entertainment Sohu Christina 38" stills Jinyang – New Express reported on November 8th held in Guangzhou will see the film starring Tong Dawei, Michelle Chen’s comedy film "Grandpa Christina 38" yesterday, the two protagonists hard funny, Tong Dawei base out, Michelle Chen’s "dumplings" the stem and Fujian accent also bring some bursting point. However, in some exaggerated plot settings still show abrupt, have criticized the audience. Moreover, the reality of the 33 year old Michelle Chen in the play chasing the age of 37, called "father", it is quite embarrassing, Tong Dawei. It is understood that the film will be officially released in November 11th in the country. Remake of Cha Tae Hyun led by South Korea comedy film "very anchorman" (aka "speeding scandal"), directed by producer An Bingji. And compared to the original, the plot does not have too big change, is about the 38 year old star anchor He Zhiwu (Tong Dawei ornaments) to encourage girls to candy in the show (Michelle Chen ornaments) to find my father, but is not the candy to find father is he. And the candy is a 20 year old single mother with her 5 year old son Tang Jiadong (Lv Yuncong ornaments) so He Zhiwu moves into a drop from the clouds, and began a yesun three generations of the sparks of life. In the film, the two airborne and star dad’s house dreadfully mangled, daughter in the singing show, ye sun two cards are exactly the same and the original plot etc.. Tong Dawei as a big star, also began to accept the fact that not all crazy, anxious, want to use the law to toss the pair, but says he often come home shorn, for the film with a lot of jokes. Compared to Cha Tae Hyun, Tong Dawei’s performance is exaggerated, but there are also the audience that excusable, "after all, encounter this kind of situation who are anxious to get angry." In fact, from the beginning of "early more girlfriend" and other films, Tong Dawei starred in the fullness of bones is bad surface warm man’s characters are very successful, the performance is not bad. In contrast, Michelle Chen’s sacrifice is a little big, not only against the ugly cry of the village sister shape, but also speak a Fujian accent Mandarin, an appearance is simply impossible to look at the appearance. In addition, Michelle Chen in the play also added a lot of black stems, such as "dumplings" etc.. Tong Dawei pulled her hand when dreaming just eating, shouted "I love to eat dumplings"; after two people pinjiu, Michelle Chen was also called "self mockery, like a steamed stuffed bun can also be very cute". Small to see films and so on the design of the audience smile. However, the film also has a lot of embarrassing place, 33 year old Michelle Chen with a baby voice called the age of 37 years old, "Dad", although her shape has been spelled out in the end of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of the year of.   相关的主题文章:


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