Software ERP is enterprise resource planning. It is a system that helps in managing the business. It helps handle all the arenas of ones business. For instance it handles planning, human resource, manufacturing, sales, marketing, customer relations and so on. Most of the small businesses did not employed ERP previously. But lately keeping in view the growing businesses, a need reducing the errors caused by manual data interpretation etc there is a call for ERP to have better business related solutions. ERP solutions include ERP financials, ERP human capital management, and ERP corporate services. ERP financials help a small business to grow. This module is an integration of accounting and reporting capabilities. The reports help managers to get different views of the data and discover unexpected patterns and relationship. The amount of data handled by small business is not meager. So there is a need to manage the data well so that a businessman can use it in the he wants to analyze its performance. ERP human capital management on the other hand will provide applications that are needed to handle resources of utmost importance that is its employees and customers. It will help a businessman to steer a .pany in the right direction. ERP corporate services help manage the assets of a .pany, health of its employees. It will also ensure that good quality products are delivered to end users. As mentioned above there a number of modules in ERP like payroll, HR application, reports etc. All these modules are interrelated. They are linked by the flow of data. Data has to be entered only once in one of the modules and it will thereby be.e readily available to all other modules as well. For example if new employees join a firm, the data will be entered into only HR application, and the change thus made is reflected in all other modules. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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