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Reference-and-Education A form of Bullying Everyday tyrants think that if only we would give their way of doing things a real try, we would learn its superior satisfactions and change our behavior for good. They use a variety of tactics to induce us to try things their way, such as intimidation, criticism, quarreling, guilt, incentives, and punishment. They do not realize that others may never learn the superior satisfactions of their lifestyle because they have a different nature. Individuality can create a wall between people, and everyday tyrants cannot see how things appear on our side of the wall, only on their side. The paradox of everyday tyranny is that although it doesnt work, people keep using it as their primary method of changing others. Spouses try every day to make their partners more like they are. They may never quit, despite a lack of success. They tell their children and partners to be neater, more ambitious, more principled, more sociable, or more active. Why havent they realized that we are not going to change because we do not enjoy the changes they want us to make? Everyday tyranny produces only temporary changes in behavior. It does not work over the long haul because people cannot change their basic natures. People can pressure their partners or children into .plying with their wishes for short periods of time, but sooner or later their efforts fail because the individual reverts back to his or her basic values and ways of behaving. Everyday tyranny ruins relationships. It can lead to resentment, divorce, children leaving home and not .ing back, and even mental illness. As portrayed in the motion picture Titanic, Rose DeWitt Bukater has to choose between two men, one offering wealth and social standing, the other offering romance and love. Does she marry ruthless Cal Hockley, one of Americas richest men, or run off with artist Jack Dawson, who made her feel happy? Although she considers the prospects of marrying Cal Hockley akin to death, she has already consented to do so. Jack Dawson is exciting, but is poor and unable to support her; he could not even afford passage on the Titanic until he won the money at poker. While Rose considers her options, her mother decides to pressure Rose to stay loyal to Hockley. If Rose does not marry him, Roses mother says, the family will fall into disgrace because it no longer has any money. Do you want me to be a seamstress? her mother asks Rose. Although Rose listens to her mother at first, she runs to her true lover hours before the Titanic goes down. Many parents use everyday tyranny to pressure their children to make certain career choices, but the tactics rarely work. By: Francis David About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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