After Trump came to power China expert interpretation will be how to deal with the Sino US relations information: on August 24, 2013, China and the United States navy soldiers participated in the joint anti piracy exercises before the ship in Harbin, listen to instructions for 15 days, the U.S. think tank Woodrow · Wilson Center for international scholars held called to discuss how the world looks for the new president of the United States will become Chinese hot. The center of Sino US relations scholars Dai Bo said, after Trump came to power, Chinese or wait. The "voice of America" quoted him as saying, "Chinese not interested in testing Trump, but will remain patiently wait, observe Trump’s personnel policy and after action. China has no intention of provoking the United States in a number of crises in the early days of Trump’s White House and even forcing the Trump administration to decide whether to cooperate or compete with china." He believes that the current Chinese want to know after Trump came to power is like a businessman just to get attention and don’t care about human rights and interests of the United States to promote the concept of value, or to enhance the leadership of the United States in the world. For many times during the campaign Trump criticized China, Dai Bo said that these remarks are not due to the consideration of the relationship between China and the United States, but out of the United States voters want to resonate in order to win votes instinct. He believes that these remarks in Trump after the election has become the past. 93 year old former U.S. Secretary of state Kissinger, on the "world order" under the impact of the issue of "the Japanese economic news" interview, said that the world is currently in a huge period of change in the world, "said Trump, a former U.S. Secretary of state. After the Second World War, the world is coming to an end, and many countries need to be re defined. Now, he says, the United States has even a safety net that has a unique advantage in assets, even though it has the world’s most powerful economy. In this case, we must understand the countries of other regions, and must respect their decisions. In other words, the United States can’t decide what they mean. How to manage the relationship between China and Japan?" Kissinger said, China’s leaders should fully recognize a reality, is that no matter what problems exist between, between the two countries should not war, not only to the people of the two countries, but also to all mankind. "And Chinese trump will achieve big deal?" The "Chicago Tribune" 14, quoted the Columbia University political science professor Andrew · Nathan said, Trump tough, and good deal. If he came to power, may seek an economic and strategic trade, and some areas of China condominium (Chinese to reduce U.S. military and political influence the expansion of the boycott, in exchange for China economy to greater openness, American exports and investment China infrastructure investment in the United States). Nathan also said that China may like this arrangement. The German "Frankfurt report" that the Republican Party has controlled both houses of Congress, more convenient policy, while the United States voters foreign policy concern than trade and immigration, so Trump in foreign policy more leeway. Humboldt University scholar Holt Man 16 of the "Global Times" reporter said, call Trump and Putin.相关的主题文章:


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