Female schizophrenic half swallowed 88 nail   each 6 cm long – Jiangxi channel — people.com.cn original title: female schizophrenia half swallow 88 nails per root length 6 cm for nails removed from patients with stomach. Hospital for map Yangzi Evening News Network October 13th news (reporter correspondent Tang Hongfang Chen Yong) 88, 6 and 7 cm long nails, a man in the stomach, what exactly is the "run" in? 13, Yangzi Evening News reporter learned from Yangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine such a case. Recently, Yangzhou, Gaoyou woman Zhang Hua (a pseudonym) accompanied by his family went to Yangzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Zhang Hua was screaming and abdominal pain, breathing difficulties and other symptoms, was once. Responsible for admissions to the doctor examine her, found her stomach a lot of metal foreign body. In the use of a variety of ways to the success of the rescue situation, the doctor performed the operation on her immediately. Make "informed" the doctor unexpectedly, the patient’s stomach was 88 nail! At 1 hours after the rescue, doctors removed the nail, saved her life. Last month, 22, Zhang Hua, aged 41, suddenly shouted stomach pain at home, looked painful. Her family sent her to a local hospital for examination, the doctor gave her a film, the film shows that the stomach has a metal foreign body, which can frighten everyone. "Well, how the body of metal foreign body?" The family was very puzzled and asked the doctor to take it out in time. Doctors said that due to too much metal foreign body, the condition is more serious, need to go to large hospitals. Her family immediately took her to Yangzhou for treatment, a number of hospitals that the patient is indeed serious, it is recommended to the provincial hospital for treatment. And Zhang Hua was born farmhouse, family economic conditions are limited, unable to bear higher medical expenses. Helpless under her back home, while taking care of her side to find a way to cure. After coming home, Zhang Hua situation worse and worse, the pain intensified, accompanied by fever and other symptoms. September 28th, the family took her to Yangzhou Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Responsible for the reception of the deputy director of the hospital surgeon Shi Jianzhong looked at her before the film, found that a nail in her body. Director of history to do a further CT examination, speculated that the metal foreign body to the lower abdomen, pelvic position. Then, the history and director of Department of Radiology and expert consultation to determine, in patients with stomach metal foreign body. At the time of admission, patients had dyspnea, diabetic ketoacidosis and other symptoms, vague theosophy. The history of director and other doctors also found digestive medicine expert consultation, after discussion, they were pushed to the gastroscope room, take less invasive endoscopic removal of digestive tract foreign bodies, ready to be inserted into her stomach gastroscopy, trying to remove the nails. (Lorna, commissioning editor Mao Siyuan) original title: female schizophrenia half swallowed 88 nails each 6 cm long history director told reporters that they did not expect, nails and other residue mixed together, which is full of leek, cabbage and other vegetables and undigested food residue and mass. In this case, the gastroscope can not see the metal foreign body. Then, the history and director of fill flush. However, the metal foreign body is tightly covered with vegetables, residues, adhesion in one)相关的主题文章:


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