FIFA: Majiate shocking Monti slightly continuation of brilliant ability state Sohu sports news screenshot   September 15th Beijing time, FIFA recently wrote in a column, comment on the AFC Champions League 1/4 League final second leg match. In their view, Majiate team although zhibubaqiang, but still show the ability to make people shocked, the Hong Kong Shanghai lack of Conca called fatal regression, but Hulk is also a good news in the team. The old champion Jeonbuk epicycle from Shanghai new port of Shanghai, on the surface, the North has a modern classic Asian origin and rich experience, however, when Erickson’s team in the game against the Rangers in Sydney, it has proved its ability to confront any team. The game, the whole of the modern North of the defensive line there is a loophole, which is the problem must be concerned about the coach. Although the absence of Shanghai port for Conca is a fatal blow, but Erickson there is a people who can be used, that is Hulk. 30 year old Hulk had played for Oporto and Zenit St Petersburg in June, FengFengGuangGuang joined Shanghai port. In recent weeks, he has been injured, but is now back on track. Shandong Luneng round against Seoul FC, the first leg of their play is poor, so the team Majiate round has no choice, only to attack. But Shandong Luneng lineup is not neat, Italy striker Graziano Pell also did not find their own state, Liu Binbin was injured, but Monti continued his glorious state. Seoul FC’s top scorer Adriano played a decisive role in this round of the game. It is worth mentioning that the Shandong Luneng coach Felix Magath is still full of confidence to the player: "we will not give up, I hope we can bring a good news in the spring." (Alse)相关的主题文章:


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