UnCategorized When I was growing up as an ambitious young American woman, I was constantly bombarded with inconsistent messages. On the one hand, I was urged to pursue as much secondary education as possible and attain a successful, distinguished career. On the other, I was emotionally and spiritually .pelled to see the importance of motherhood and rearing healthy, stable contributors to our society. While I was more inclined to take the first route, the course of my life has forced me to strike a balance. Many women (and men!) today feel the pressure to establish a great job and enjoy material achievements, so when they choose to cherish their roles as parents, it can be easy to feel "less than" and conflicted. But let’s get to the truth: jobs can change–careers can plummet. Your kids are your family forever. So how do you over.e the stigma of being a stay-at-home parent? This advice can help you. First off, don’t isolate yourself. During the earliest months of your child’s life, they may demand your full attention, but do your best to connect with other stay-at-home parents that understand your position. The time to socialize with another adult in your situation can affirm the importance of what you’re doing while also building a friendship based on camaraderie and understanding. Plus, early social interactions for your child can have plenty of benefits. Second, remind yourself often of why you made the choice to remain at home with your child(ren). Much of society would prefer to take the extra in.e you would generate by working outside your home, but you have opted to rear your child full-time. Think about making a list of reasons why you love being a homemaker and post it on your mirror or in your child’s room so you can view it repeatedly. Third, continue to seek fulfillment. Being "professional parents" means we dedicate the bulk of our lives to our children, but we can still get caught up in the mundane. Participating in favorite hobbies and healthy fitness activities can break up your routine and give you a sense of ac.plishment. Improving your parenting skills continually is also a great way to find even more happiness. Parent education programs can be especially beneficial for first-time moms that may feel a little clueless. There are no perfect parents, so don’t beat yourself up over mistakes, but learning how to respond better to your child will make you a more confident parent now and in the future. Above all, remember that being a strong woman means recognizing that this is your life, and you don’t have any obligation to anyone else’s expectations for your choices. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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