Fly ash Conan road in monkey! They are all female voice in a famous saying in the animation circle, called "sound are monsters". There are times when we can’t really imagine two completely different characters, the same person. Female and male characters playing voice is also common. Recently, the Japanese media for college students to investigate the "you are the role of women who are surprised" survey. You introduce you to what role is by the female voice surprised it – Kathleen ("elf treasure dream") / Rica Matsumoto "no sense of violation." (18 years of age) "it’s because of this character that I know how many years I’ve been a woman." (21 years old) "when I was a child, I thought a male character would have to be a man." (21 years old) "I remember how surprised I was when I heard the truth." (male 22 years old 4) – Edokawa Conan ("detective Conan") / Takayama Minami "how to listen is the voice of a man." (a 18 year old female) "I think my voice with the image of a completely different voice." (21 years old) "it’s a surprise."." (female 20 years old (2) – "bread bread superman superman") / Toda Keyco "feel the sound is very thick." (20 years old), "she was so young that she was surprised to know the truth." (22 years old) "I thought I was a kid."." (20 years old) "not only women, but also actresses on TV, it’s amazing." (female 20 years old (2) – the road to fly "Sea King") Mayumi Tanaka "is so powerful and handsome voice." (female 19 years old) "I think it’s oppressive." (female 22 years old) "I think the voice of the pirates must be a man." (19 year old female college) "I think the male character is a man’s voice, and the female character is the woman’s voice." (female 21 years old 4) – Sun Wukong ("Dragon Ball") / Masako Nozawa "this is amazing." (19 years of age) "I’m totally different." (22 years of age) "completely unthinkable." (19 years old) "I thought it was a man."." (24 year old male graduate) – other "energy-saving (" death exit · community "Pu Lumei). I thought it was a man with a sharp voice." (male 20 years old) "bath" (sky city "Mayumi Tanaka). I thought it was a boy." (female 23 years old (4) "Longma Ryoma" Prince of tennis "Minagawa Junko). There is a man’s voice." (female 22 years old 4), such as Lu Fei Wukong adult male is a female voice, which is still a lot of people to subvert the cognitive. In addition, many young women should be just the voice to match to voice. How about this? Above introduction相关的主题文章:


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