The former richest man from Hubei prison: 20 years ago, 2 billion to open the Himalaya Range after serving 16 years, who used yesterday (September 27th) morning stepped out of the Hongshan prison in Hubei province. Subsequently, he only designated agent Xia Zongwei in their own public number, WeChat micro-blog, Sina blog from the media platform also issued a "Council on Mr. Mu neg released statement" (hereinafter referred to as the statement released, who used his release has been announced). Although jailed for 16 years, but he is still full of legendary life for the world relish. Public data shows, he was born in 1941, Chongqing, Wanzhou, the former president of neg. He started with 300 yuan, to finally found his own "Nande Empire", became the "richest man Chinese". 1999, he was arrested on suspicion of fraud in letter of credit, the outside world and crown its first cheat in the name. According to the "madman" who used "cover news" reported that at 6:15 on the morning of September 27th, Xia Zongwei in Hubei, Hongshan province after the registration of the gate of the prison in prison after mouqizhong, about 6:50, he drove out of his 16 years in prison. He was the first generation of private entrepreneurs Chinese. In China business history, who used to belong to a type of peculiar, his most controversial personality, at the same time. In 1980, he resigned from office, borrowing 300 yuan founded after the reform and opening up the first private joint-stock enterprises – German shops, and thus started. He ran a rattan chair, Wanxian Shanghai "35" brand clock, Tianjin jellyfish, South Korea and Chongqing, refrigerator, Wanxian, Yantai, Hainan and other places, the company will eventually settled in Beijing. In 1991, the study in the United States, the Russian economy triangle, with daily necessities, China more than and 300 factories, more than and 800 wagons of light industrial products, machinery and equipment from Russia and who used for four -154M airliner. Then he will be the aircraft sold, he claimed to earn 80 million to 100 million yuan from the "scalping". Allegedly, the deal also became the largest in the history of Sino Russian nongovernmental trade a barter trade. This can change the plane "legend who used to let fame trade. But after that, he began to show his "madman" nature, throws a staggering investment plan. Including the famous development of Manchuria and the launch of Russian satellites. 1995, Ferdinand investment group Heading 2 satellite launch success in Russia’s Baikonur. In 1996, Nande group and the international satellite organization, the Russian aerospace information company signed for three joint operation of heading No. 1, Heading 2 satellite protocol. However, in 1996, Nande group will transfer its course to the equity holders of the international satellite satellite organization. In September 1997, he proposed "exclusive owned" 10 billion yuan Manchuria, the construction of the "northern Hongkong", but in the end the Nande company in Manchuria, the actual investment of less than 100 million yuan. Who used the other "Crazy" concept of the project include: in June 1993, he held a press conference in Chongqing that the Nande group will cooperate with Chongqing University, transformation)相关的主题文章:


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