Home-Schooling CBSE 12th board exams are one of the most important exams in a student"s entire academic life. Good scores in this exam are often a pre-requisite to securing admission into a good college or course and poor marks may lead to a blemished career. Getting 90%+ in 12th board exams is a matter of prestige for all but getting high marks in PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths) group is really a tough nut to crack. The tips to score good marks in Physics are as follows: Study NCERT books for clearer basics Students should give maximum importance to Physics NCERT books for a clear understanding of concepts. A thorough understanding of concepts would allow the students to tailor conceptually correct and complete answers. Students should read the Physics chapters thoroughly and highlight or list important points in bullet form. Listing points in bullets would help the students in quick revision before exams. After thorough reading, students should attempt all the end-of-chapter questions listed in Physics NCERT textbooks. Students can also support their answers with neat & well labeled diagrams or illustrations for extraordinary marks. Students can seek help from various web portals offering free NCERT solutions for Physics. Before referring to online solutions, students should make sure that the answers are relevant to the NCERT chapters and have no grammatical or spelling errors. Practice and revision using Physics CBSE sample papers A complete practice session using Physics CBSE sample papers, model papers and previous years question papers can help the students in scoring exceptionally well in Physics CBSE exams. CBSE sample papers and practice papers for physics are designed as per the latest CBSE syllabus and marking schemes. These sample papers can help the students assess their preparation levels and give them a clear idea about the extent of effort required to solidify the weaker zones in Physics. After the students are through with the chapters in Physics NCERT , they can solve chapter wise sample questions listed in sample papers. This would assist the students in handling various kinds of questions, customizing answering styles as per the requirements of the question and completing the questions within the specified time frame. Solving a variety of sample papers and model test papers would boost their confidence and they would surely be able to beat exam related nervous tension and anxiety. Students can find online sample papers and test papers with MCQ and interactive quizzes for complete revision sessions. Effective online revision sessions would help the students to improve their time management skills. If the students follow the above mentioned tips, they would surely be able to outperform in their Physics 12th board exam. About the Author: Board exam http://www.meritnation.com "A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops." Henry Adams 相关的主题文章:


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