Guangming Daily: domestic animation and self – media – not complaints original title: domestic animation instead of complaining about not independence 14 years ago, a squirrel nut to come into our sight never yield in spite of reverses, it did so carefully so carried away, regardless of the image regardless of the consequences, there is no destruction of the earth, without time and space shuttle, and some just enjoyable the family. As a result, the hearts of the audience by the "ice age" in the lives of a group of ordinary small animals, blue studio with a brush to tell the world’s children, what is called pure. This is a continuation of the 2016, "ice age 5" came. Like "Toy Story", the glacier series of each episode witnessed when 3D animation technology strength, from the earliest polygon to today’s hair and lighting effects, changing the technological progress, has not changed the human feelings. In contrast, the domestic animation industry, is often the one becomes extinct, even if the individual works hard work with a sequel, also tend to be hurt. However, work is inversely proportional to the dull market response, the diffuse industry development debate has always be in full swing, full of hostility. A number of seminars, visible scholars and experts to master, each one sticks to his argument expressed on each one airs his own views, creative environment, investment scale, competition pattern of numerous complaints, as a solution, usually will pull back to the market, policy support, inclusive cinema tone. Unfortunately, whether it is opinion or approach, we tend to be attributed to external causes, almost no one to find internal causes. The government is busy, many policy areas need, as for the animation industry, as self-help; large market of domestic film and television works of art quality, objective that has enough tolerance, as for the animation industry, as the cinema is very real, since the weight of; get the cultural industry support fund, according to market rules of the row piece is no ground for blame as for the animation industry, as independent. (commissioning editor Song Xinrui and Yan Shuai)相关的主题文章:


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