Hangzhou "holiday economy" dark horse more than 1500 tourists show G20 bonus in October 1st, Hangzhou West Lake yourenruzhi. China News Agency reporter Wang Gang photo Beijing, Hangzhou, October 7, (?) "eleven" golden week, travel has become the main way of Chinese entertainment, and in this year’s golden week in Zhejiang, Hangzhou with the success of the twenty G20 leaders summit in Hangzhou (G20) in the world, usher in a blowout the peak travel, become the "holiday economy" in a dazzling dark horse. From October 1 to October 7th, Hangzhou city’s scenic spots were tourists 15 million 781 thousand and 800 passengers, with an increase of 11.82%, last year, the West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee (city park Bureau) the park received 4 million 907 thousand and 400 visitors, and in 2015 an increase of 31.75%. "Very exciting, worthwhile!" Henan tourists Sun Xiang watch the "best memories in Hangzhou", praised this amazing world during the summit of large-scale water scene performing symphonic concerts, in the scene to see the TV show and as like as two peas greatly stimulated, the enthusiasm of tourists, every show is hard to get a vote, All seats are occupied. Other attractions related to the G20 summit in Hangzhou, also ushered in a lot of tourists. "Hangzhou holiday tourism market has the obvious effect of the summit, in addition to the traditional West Lake, Xixi, Lingyin scenic tourism continued hot, G20 summit hot Qianjiang new light show, Wulin Square light fountain show summit attractions, become Hangzhou tourism new hot spot." Hangzhou Tourism Committee staff told reporters. It is understood that the Hangzhou Municipal Tourism Commission had earlier predicted that the city’s tourism will usher in the first large-scale outbreak of G20. In order to prevent all kinds of emergencies such as traffic blowout may arise, for the first time through big data technology, real-time monitoring of traffic in 12 areas of the city of Hangzhou tourists are concentrated, guide tourists travel peak. Drainage effect is very significant, golden week in Hangzhou to achieve a travel safety zero accident." Hangzhou Tourism Committee staff said. In addition to the charming scenery, "Hangzhou civilization" more let visitors praise. It is reported that more than 300 volunteers on duty in Hangzhou scenic area of more than people, visitors encounter problems, difficulties, can be the first time to find them to help. In October 2nd, the "smoke-free West Lake" action kicked off in West Lake sanitation volunteer service volunteers into the area, to discourage tourists smoking and collect cigarette butts, appeal to the public and tourists to create smoke-free West Lake". In October 3rd, the Olympic champion Sun Yang, who was trained in Hangzhou, picked up the trash with a pair of cleaning volunteers in West Lake, explaining the "civilized travel" in a unique way!" Where to go, there are volunteers to provide services, as well as’ Red ‘West Lake women’s patrols to guide the route, the beauty of Hangzhou is not only the scenery." Xi’an tourists Xue Mingru said.相关的主题文章:


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