Harbin local taxi software "and" today officially launched the Harbin taxi industry dedicated taxi software by Harbin well network science and technology development limited company developed "shake", since the on-line community has been widely praised, the software running on today officially launched. As of now, more than 5000 people have downloaded the software "early adopters". Which people love to use our local taxi software? With "shake line" taxi love in what way to pay the fare? Yesterday, shaking line released a taxi big data, the data show that people under the age of 22 favorite shake line taxi. "22 years old" love "shake line", cash payments accounted for nearly as much as it is understood, "shake line" trial run, the amount of software downloads reached more than 5000 people, mostly to Android users. Among them, the amount of male passengers to download more than female passengers. From the age distribution, use the software taxi crowd mainly users under the age of 22, accounting for 39.87%; 23-34 users accounted for more than 30.26% years; 35-45 users accounted for 29.34%; over 45 years of age accounted for 0.53% of users. In which areas the use of "shake line" taxi people most? By monitoring the area where the users to use the software taxi mainly concentrated in Daoli District, province Shangzhi along the street commercial center, near the museum exhibition, Lesong Hongbo square. Data show that Monday using software called a taxi cab service of most users, the average single volume reached 1000; Saturday is a non working day, time is a relatively small population, the use of software called a taxi car user for at least one day a week. Shake line users to achieve the purpose of what kind of payment? Monitoring shows that cash users take the largest proportion, followed by Alipay, WeChat, the average fare passengers using the software called the car to pay 15 yuan. According to his manager closed more, this data is the basis of the "shake" test run on the line for 12 days, and through the database analysis, with the future of increasing the number of users, data analysis will be more extensive, stable and accurate. For "shake", these data are very valuable, it can not only control the software function timely according to the market demand, but also for the peak time and concentration of cab area traffic guidance, maximize the use of software platform to provide more high-quality, convenient and safe online taxi taxi service for public city. The driver software to build the integrity of the files, or to eliminate the black car according to the introduction, "and" taxi software is not only a simple software, can also provide related services for drivers, including: enterprise information, information industry, information and broadcasting system violation notice etc.. In addition, the software attached to the Harbin taxi industry management system platform can improve the integrity of the driver files. Reporters learned that the taxi driver for the use of "shake", including the need to submit the driver’s name, mobile phone number, license plate number and other key information to the platform, the platform of strict examination before use software to serve passengers. According to reports, the information submitted, the platform will g相关的主题文章:


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