Harbin peace road and Minsheng Road junction man crossing the street was hit and killed by 28 news (intern reporter Shi Tianyi Jiao Wei) today at 17:30 PM, in the vicinity of Heping Road in Xiangfang District of Harbin livelihood road junction, a silver car racing car will be a 27 year old man crossing the street was knocked down, the man died on the spot. 18:30 or so, reporters rushed to the scene to see, there is a piece of blood on the ground. According to the Xiangfang auxiliary police patrol brigade five squadrons of the auxiliary police, they rushed to the scene, the police force police team is surveying the scene, there are large tracts of blood on the ground, his head injured, has been killed on the spot, lying on the roadside was covered in blue. A gray horse racing car parked on the main road of Heping Road, the front windshield has been broken, left front car body damage. It is understood that at the time of racing cars along the road of peace to the provincial government Lesong square direction, the man from the east to Vientiane new measuring direction crossing the road. The racing car driver didn’t notice the man, but he couldn’t dodge it when he found it. Auxiliary by racing car driver friend learned at that time, a total of four people in the racing car, the car rides home from work, just over the road of peace and the people’s livelihood road junction near, suddenly heard a bang sound, they hurried off to see that knocked down a man. At present, the cause of the accident is under further investigation and treatment.

哈尔滨和平路与民生路交口 男子过马路被撞身亡   本报28日讯(实习生焦炜记者 史天一)今天17时30分许,在哈市香坊区和平路与民生路交口附近,一辆银灰色赛马轿车将一过马路的27岁男子撞倒,男子当场死亡。   18时30分左右,记者赶到现场看到,地面上有一片血迹。据香坊巡逻辅警大队五中队辅警讲,他们赶到现场时,动力交警队的交警正在勘察现场,地上有大片血迹,男子头部受伤,已经当场身亡,被蓝布遮盖躺在路边。一辆银灰色赛马轿车停在和平路的主干道上,前风挡玻璃已经破碎,左前方车体受损。   据了解,当时赛马轿车沿和平路自省政府往乐松广场方向行驶,男子自万象上东往量具新区方向过马路。赛马轿车司机没有注意到这名男子,待发现时已经躲闪不及将其撞倒。辅警通过赛马轿车司机的朋友了解到,当时赛马轿车内共有四个人,一同乘车下班回家,刚过和平路与民生路交口不久,突然听到“砰”的一声,他们就赶紧下车查看,发现撞倒了一名男子。   目前,事故原因正在进一步调查处理中。相关的主题文章:


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