Heard that the foundation makeup master? Look here to make you more on the floor of a small series of recent discovery based makeup has been in our lives in an essential position, in fact, many people’s needs have been more than the basic version of the! That today talk about high order version well actually make-up this thing and practice magic like from the first to the seventh grade, tenth grade can be hard but to reach the highest may be stuck in some subtle details ~ hot end! Today to discuss the makeup of ten innovative drop Level enthusiasts essential higher-order skills! 1 makeup products make makeup more docile and more lasting that except the isolation and BB world there are special makeup before the products so the question is: makeup products and isolation, BB what is the difference? To sum up in a word, makeup before the milk makeup and pay more attention to the subsequent isolation, BB usually emphasizes the efficacy of skin so makeup before the milk to be lighter, more lubrication on the foundation of the follow-up more fit, more durable is also divided into hidden pores, oil control, light, grooming several hold talk! See coating method! Step 1 makeup before the milk 5 point distribution in the face Step 2 with a brush, sponge brush evenly along the direction of arrow Step 3 finger pressing morerelax (omitted) of course, coating the same also applies to the foundation and isolation of good recommendation, you are not wrong! The eye is also a special primer of milk! 2 eye shadow to create eye contour eye stereo, Oriental charm swelling known so I want to deep orbital genes alone is not enough, have to rely on eye shadow however see a lot of people eyes bright color palette when what I see who dare to use heart to know, although exaggerated art make-up it is amazing but may let you out the door or suffer from all kinds of eyes like this, can only live in your circle of friends! Our advice is to avoid all inflated and exaggerated colors! Don’t look at this letter even for a sunken in the pink Westerners colors before expansion but also prone to edema, orbital shallow! So the most suitable for the daily makeup is the color of eye shadow! Earth color eye shadow! Earth color eye shadow! The important thing to say three times! Magical earth color makeup and profound interpretation of what is called "shallow daily nude make-up can be smoked, deep night" a plate of earth color in hand, HOLD live on all occasions! Good URBAN DECAY recommended three kinds of series NAKED are called the earth color classic it sells for about $50 is not cheap but this box of 12 color all good and it is a 20 cm long box according to the utilization rate and the average price to count, absolute cabbage! 3 hairdressing product shape contour, making features more on stereo stereo feeling, but we all know that Asians are inherently a thin dark light. "&" as a kind of higher order skills is the use of the principle of a diagram to illustrate the secret of three-dimensional facial contour figure, dark brown part ~相关的主题文章:


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