Hebei issued a cool wind warning much rain and frost local newspaper news (reporter Ma Dongsheng correspondent Guo Yingchun   17) yesterday, Hebei meteorological observatory issued a storm warning, affected by cold air, the day today, the coastal area and the coastal area of Hebei is north wind 6-7. Tomorrow, the temperature decreased in most parts of the province, South Central tomorrow during the day the highest temperature decreased 6 -8 DEG C, other regions decreased 4 -6 DEG C; tomorrow morning, the lowest temperature of the northern and western regions decreased 4 -6 DEG C, the frost dam area decreased 6 -8 DEG C, and other areas of decreased 2 -4 OC. To remind the relevant departments and personnel to do defense. Yesterday during the day, most of the province is cloudy, local rain; compared with the previous day, the temperature in most areas decreased, the air humidity appropriate, the weather is cool. Expected during the day, Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Langfang, Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Western Xingtai, Western Handan, overcast with showers or rain, other areas cloudy, the highest temperature in most areas of Hebei continue to decline in northern cities (Zhangjiakou, Chengde, Tangshan, Qinhuangdao) the highest temperature is 18 DEG -22 DEG, Central and southern regions respectively. Area is 21 -25 DEG C; tomorrow during the day, four in Baoding, Shijiazhuang, Xingtai, west of Handan overcast with showers or sporadic rain sunny, other areas cloudy, the highest temperature in most areas of the northern region continued to decline, 4 districts and cities of the maximum temperature of 20 DEG -25 DEG, central and southern regions and districts in the city 23 -25 DEG C; the September 20th day, the province’s cloudy, most areas of maximum temperature increased slightly, northern area of 4 districts and cities of the highest temperature is 22 DEG -26 DEG C, Indochina In various districts is 26 C. 河北发布大风降温警报 多地有雨局地有霜冻   本报讯(记者 马冬胜 通讯员 郭迎春)昨日17时,河北省气象台发布大风降温警报,受冷空气影响,今天白天,河北沿岸海区和沿海地区有东北风6-7级。今明两天,全省大部分地区气温明显下降,明天白天中南部最高气温下降6℃-8℃,其他地区下降4℃-6℃;明天早晨北部和西部地区最低气温下降4℃-6℃,其中坝上地区下降6℃-8℃,有霜冻,其他地区下降2℃-4℃,提醒有关部门和人员做好防御。   昨天白天,我省大部分地区多云,局部地区阴雨;与前一日相比,大部分地区气温有所下降,空气湿度适宜,天气比较凉爽。   预计今天白天,张家口、承德、廊坊、保定、石家庄、邢台西部、邯郸西部阴有阵雨或小雨,其他地区多云,河北大部分地区最高气温继续下降,北部地区设区市(张家口、承德、唐山、秦皇岛)最高气温为18℃-22℃,中南部地区各设区市为21℃-25℃;明天白天,保定、石家庄、邢台、邯郸四个地区的西部阴有阵雨或零星小雨转晴,其他地区多云转晴,大部分地区最高气温继续下降,北部地区4设区市最高气温为20℃-25℃,中南部地区各设区市为23℃-25℃;9月20日白天,全省晴间多云,大部分地区最高气温略有上升,北部地区4设区市最高气温为22℃-26℃,中南部地区各设区市为26℃。相关的主题文章:


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