Henan general cooling parts of 4-6 C have showers or sporadic rain in Henan generally cool 4-6 degrees of the Mid Autumn Festival is a traditional festival, the home, look at the moon, eating moon cakes are essential, especially to see the moon, in addition to fifteen in the evening, the sixteen have to watch "fifteen moon sixteen round this year. Seventeen more to see, because the astronomical experts said that this year’s moon is the fifteen moon seventeen round, the round time appeared in 17 3 5. Moreover, the astronomical experts suggest that shortly after sunset, dreamy moon will be rising from the east. Two hours after sunset is a good time to the moon. Conditional public if you choose unobscured, a better place to celebrate effect close to rivers, lakes and sea. Of course, the weather is more important, the next two days continuous cold air diffusion weak southward, so from today to 19, the highest temperature in our province is a gradual process of decline, obvious effect is to No. 18 on the 17 night, the cold air carried by transverse trough and trough eastward, will bring some weak precipitation weather to the North West, and 18-19, there will be wind and cooling, the cooling is generally 4-6 degrees. 19, most of the region into the northwest airflow control, the weather is cloudy or sunny. The next few days [weather] is expected tonight to tomorrow during the day, Xinyang, Anyang, Hebi and Gushi three areas cloudy cloudy, with showers in some areas or sporadic rain; clear and cloudy weather in other areas. The province’s northeast wind around 3. Minimum temperature: 15 to 17 degrees in the western mountains; other areas of 18 to 20 degrees. Maximum temperature: 29 to 31 degrees. Tomorrow night to 18, western, northern cloudy cloudy, some areas with showers or thunderstorms, other areas cloudy. 19, West, southwest cloudy turn cloudy, cloudy to sunny in other regions. 18 to 19 days, affected by cold air, the Beijing Guangzhou line near the area and East northeast wind around 4, the province’s highest temperature decline in the previous 4 to 6 degrees. Zhengzhou: today and tomorrow, cloudy sunny day. Northeast wind 2 to 3. Minimum temperature: 19 to 20 degrees; maximum temperature: 30 to 31 degrees.相关的主题文章:


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