Hollywood’s top ten Chinese entertainment tycoon Wang Jianlin ranked first – Sohu "China entertainment entertainment tycoon Wang Jianlin ranked first Xinhua news local time on November 2nd, the Hollywood journal" Hollywood reporter "launched the first" since its launch in 1930 the China entertainment mogul "magazine, Wang Jianlin ranked first, Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Li Ruigang and others in the row behind. Wang Jianlin was also on the cover of the magazine. "Hollywood reporter" was first launched on Chinese and Wang Jianlin for 86 years, the rapid rise of Chinese represents not only in the global entertainment industry, it shows the great influence of Wanda and Wang Jianlin in the global film and television field irreplaceable. After Wang Jianlin’s October trip to Hollywood, this special issue of the publication, once again rolled round of international media frenzy. The nearly 10 page report published a Wang Jianlin spread a huge photo, and produced a chart shows Wanda the dramatic growth of nearly five years of revenue, and Wanda huge industrial structure. The article also reviews the difficult course with plenty of space and Wang Jianlin joined the business, points out the source Wanda in Wang Jianlin’s hard work (Wang Jianlin is a "workaholic"), innovation, strict management and efficient execution. Wang Jianlin is at the forefront of China’s unprecedented surge in American entertainment, the paper said". From the 2012 acquisition of AMC, Wanda "plan and strategy" in the deployment of the Hollywood entertainment front, perfect film and television industry chain, and in China invested $about 8000000000 to build the Oriental cinema. The article pointed out that Wanda’s next goal is the six major Hollywood film company. The article cited a number of Hollywood celebrities, including DreamWorks CEO interview, to express the praise of Wang Jianlin. In just a few years, Wang Jianlin has become Hollywood’s most popular business partner, anyone must take seriously wanda. The article also expressed praise for the rapid development of Wanda in the country, said Wanda speed and executive force makes Wanda from 2011 to now revenue doubled three times. "Hollywood reporter" in 2016 ten Chinese entertainment tycoon NO.1 Wang Jianlin (Chairman of Dalian Wanda Group Co (NO.2): Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba group chairman of the board): Ma Huateng NO.3 (founder of Tencent Inc) NO.4: La Pui (Chairman of China film Limited by Share Ltd): Li Ruigang NO.5 (Chairman of the Chinese Cultural Industry Investment Fund (NO.6) President Wang Changtian: light media Co. Ltd) NO.7 Zhang Zhao (CEO NO.8: LETV pictures) (Yu Dong Bona Film Group: Wang Zhongjun (CEO) NO.9 Huayi Huayi Brothers Media Corp founder and chairman Robin Li (NO.10): founder of Baidu Inc, CEO)相关的主题文章:


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