Software Making a .puter faster isnt a single click task; rather it includes many things, steps and internal mechanism within itself. Before thinking about the point how to make .puter faster we need to think and diagnose what all factors make it slow? Once we are through with this problem or cause we certainly may think that how to make .puter faster. As we all know a .puter is a .plex in fact very .plex machine and it is consisted of thousands of features and functions in it. Several .ponents, application programs, hardware, services, device drivers, system software, security tools, additional programs or software such as printer software, scanner, camera and many more etc all make a .plete PC or pc optimizer. In nut shell we may say alone a single feature, or function or due to failure of just one .ponent this is not always possible that it goes down. Thus apparently as the constituents or .ponents are vary in number the reason behind a slow or poor PC should be many as well. Many times I have studied and written on this topic (how to make .puter faster or about the slow .puter etc) and worked upon thousands of different .puters and I have found that diagnosing the real origin is greater important before applying any solution to make .puter faster. I would like to discuss very few important factors or causes that usually create poor performance issue in any .puter. 1.Infection in your .puter: – An infection in any .puter system can cause many issues including reducing its speed and performance for sure. Infection can be of various kinds such as a virus, spyware, Trojan horse, worm, or any other sort of. As I said infection is one of the greatest factors behind making a PC down or slow, hence this needs to be addressed properly. Using a good and updated antivirus program is the chief solution for this. However we also need to consider the factors how does a .puter get infected. The apparent answer of this question is 90% from the Internet. Thus a safe internet browsing is necessary essential in order to protect your .puter. 2.Registry related issues: – registry is central and hierarchical database of any windows operating system, even a small change in windows registry can create chaos to the entire operating system. If a registry gets corrupted or bloated it creates many issues such as freezing, BSOD, unexpected shutting down of the .puter, slow .puter etc. There are two ways to get this issues fixed. One is correct registry manually which is not advisable unless you have got great expertise in registry and its .ponents and another is to get the issue fixed with the help of any good registry cleaner. 3.Hardware problems: – Hardware is also very important factor if you need a good and well performing .puter. In lack of proper and good hardware a .puter is inevitable to perform badly. 4.Too many programs are installed in the system: – If too many programs are installed in the .puter they might conflict with each other and share high CPU usage. Uninstalling unneeded programs certainly helps to speed up my pc . About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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