Holidays As Christmas nears and little Johnny or Susie wants to get mommy a gift, the first reaction often is a simple one: "Let’s go to the mall and get her a gift certificate so that she can buy herself whatever she wants." Come on, dad. You can do better than that. Really, you can. Women are complex subjects, no doubt. But what they really want for Christmas is a thoughtful gift. Sure, gift cards from the mall are nice. Get those, too. But this year do more than just that. Go a little above and beyond and actually put some brainpower into your purchasing. She’ll be glad you did. And, as the saying goes, "When momma’s happy everyone is happy!" Here are five unique gifts for your consideration, all surefire ways to make mommy smile on Christmas morning: A Penny for Your Thoughts – Your wife is looking for a thoughtful gift from the kids, not necessarily an expensive one. Start by helping the kids make an oversized Christmas card. Let them draw or finger paint images they associate with Christmas, such as Santa, Rudolph, presents under a Christmas Tree, etc. The kids will have fun, you’ll enjoy the time with them and mommy will truly appreciate the card. Time to Decompress – Being a mommy is stressful. It’s a full time job with side gigs as nurse, teacher, disciplinarian, cook, maid, etc. Moms do it all. And it wears on them. Give mommy a break this year by getting her an appointment at a spa or salon. Let her get her nails done or get a body massage. It will relieve the holiday stress and she’ll enjoy every minute of it. Brand It – Any gift with a photo of the children is a good gift for mommy. Consider a personalized Christmas ornament complete with the children’s pics and names. Or, for something even more unique and with year ’round display appeal, check out This company can take your child’s photo and laser-etch it into glass for a truly one-of-a-kind gift. This technology isn’t cheap, of course. Finally, treat mommy to breakfast. Chances are she’s going to be doing her fair share of cooking throughout the day, whether she is preparing a Christmas feast herself or is simply going to help grandma cook. Once the gifts are unwrapped and the kids are playing with their new toys, take time to make mom a quick, simple breakfast such as pancakes or toast and eggs. She deserves the break. Besides, you’ll be hungry, too! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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