Hardware Today millions of enterprises and individuals use a printer right along with their .puters. Printers and their required ink cartridges are a multi-billion dollar business. In fact, over the course of a printer’s lifetime the cost of ink cartridges will end up being far more than the cost of the printer itself. Faced with that kind of expense many people are looking for ways to reduce the cost of printing while maintaining the best quality documents. Ink cartridges from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) will provide the best quality printing. The OEM has created the cartridge and formulated the inks to the exact specifications that will work efficiently with its printers. The cartridges and ink formulas are all patented and held as trade secrets. These are elements that are designed to give the best result with the OEM’s equipment. Unfortunately individual OEM ink cartridges are the most expensive option as a source of printer ink. One way to save a little money on the cartridges is to buy them in bulk amounts. Especially if the majority of a .pany’s or an individual’s printing output is in black, then bulk purchasing of black ink cartridges can save some money. The rate of use of the cartridges has to be carefully monitored since cartridges tend to dry out over time. The cost savings gained by bulk purchasing are negated if the cartridges end up being discarded because they are dried out. Alternatives to OEM ink cartridges are .patible cartridges which are not produced by the original manufacturer but are engineered to the same specifications. These are new ink cartridges that have not been recycled or refilled but are filled with ink that is .patible with the specific printer. The ink is not made by the original manufacturer. The cost savings realized by these .patible ink cartridges are quite substantial, perhaps forty to fifty percent less than the OEM cartridges. Because these cartridges are engineered to the same specifications, the quality of the documents printed is usually just as satisfactory. Another choice to reduce printing costs but maintain document quality is the use of remanufactured cartridges. These are OEM ink cartridges that have been cleaned and thoroughly checked. Any part of the cartridge that is worn or damaged is replaced and the cartridge is filled with new ink. The new parts and ink are guaranteed to meet or exceed the standards of the original manufacturer. Adhering to the manufacturer’s quality standards ensures that documents printed with these remanufactured cartridges will be of high quality. There are many .panies who offer these generic ink alternatives. Customers can search the internet to find them. The quality of an internet .pany’s products can be inferred from its production and sales policies. If the .pany produces its ink cartridges in an ISO-9001-certified factory, that fact shows that correct quality standards are followed. Also an offer of a money-back guarantee indicates that the .pany is quite confident of the quality of the product. It’s reassuring for .panies to see that they can still produce good quality documents using less expensive printer ink cartridges. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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