Business The Indian market is one of the most competitive markets in the world, as it consists of a myriad number of local, national as well as multinational businesses manufacturing and selling in India .Thus, in order to successfully compete in the Indian market , it is utmost necessary for a company to clearly showcase its brand value and the superior quality of its products while selling in India. It also needs to clearly establish its edge over the other competitors in terms of better technology and eminence. In light of the reasons stated above, selling in India should be advantageously planned to provide the product with the necessary visibility and popularity. A successful strategy of selling in India should provide the company with direct access to interested buyers, established distributors as well as potential joint venture partners in the market. Moreover, a company needs to establish a local long term presence in the Indian market for seing in India. The various sales methods and techniques whih should be used for selling in India include e-mail marketing, telemarketing, online marketing, B2B trade portals and direct sales. These might however vary depending upon the type of services or products being promoted by the company. Eurobrands recently launched its sales services aimed at building lasting and solid commercial relations for corporate clients. Moreover, they can act as your sales agency and follow up the different leads, take orders as well as co-ordinate the numerous shipments. The MD of Eurobrands, Andreas De Rosi discusses the role of his company in enhancing selling in India for its clients. Varun Kapoor: What is the importance of a successful strategy of selling in India in the current market scenario? Andreas De Rosi: Indian buyers are normally quite brand conscious buyers, they look for a bargain and involve the family in the decision making process. Special family occasions or festivals like Diwali are a great occasion to boost consumer goods sales in India. In B2B sales it is important to know about the Indian market conditions and competitors, to spend time on building strong B2B relationships and to support to Indian importer with sales and marketing activities. As India is a very big market with 28 regions and 7 union territories it is advisable to pick one or two regions to start with sales activities and then to expand step by step. Varun Kapoor: What are the various sales services provided by Eurobrands? Andreas De Rosi: All our services have one common goal: to grow our clients business. A well done market research and business research in India is a very good starting point to develop a market entry strategy and to start selling in India. We offer our clients from Europe a long term presence in the Indian market, we present their products, keep in touch with prospects, participate at trade fairs, send out newsletters and make use of online marketing tools like social media and networking platforms. Varun Kapoor: How important are your sales services in terms of providing the companies with potential customers, distributors and joint venture partners? Andreas De Rosi: It depends, some companies dont need any sales services. They want to know the market size, growth rate, potential customers, competitors, prices, distribution channels etc. So we only offer our market research services . They then follow up the sales using their internal export manager or in-house sales & marketing department. Some companies, however prefer to outsource the sales services to us, as we are locally present in the Indian market and we know to do and donts when doing business in India. In this way Eurobrands acts like a sales agency in India and this is a very important part as it becomes our task to continuously grow our clients business. Varun Kapoor: Contrast the sales services provided by your company in terms of advantages as compared to that provided by the other companies. Andreas De Rosi: We know both the European and the Indian market very well. Sales and marketing techniques which are working well in Europe, may not work in India. So sometimes we translate the entire brand communication or even develop a new strategy for the Indian market. We also provide our clients a very high degree of transparency and reporting. We use online CRM and project management tools which our clients can access any time. This way we almost become an integral part of our clients company, which could be called Sales Department India or Representative Office India. Eurobrands Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. is a market research, consultancy and marketing company based in New Delhi India. For more information about Eurobrands, please visit: 相关的主题文章:


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