Japanese media: Japanese pet cat and dog life high innovation in new network on 14 September, according to Japanese media reports, Japan’s Tokyo University Agricultural & Technology and small animal veterinary mass survey, the average life expectancy of Japanese pet dogs and cats as of 2014 reached 13.2 years old and 11.9 years old, a record high. Reported that the main reason is the popularity of vaccination and other measures to promote infectious diseases. In the past 25 years, the life expectancy of pet dogs and pet cats has increased by 0.5 times and by a factor of 1.3. In recent years, more and more people choose pet dogs and cats in the room, as well as food and medical environment improved significantly contribute to the longevity of pets. Hayashitani Hideki, an associate professor of veterinary epidemiology at Tokyo University Agricultural & Technology, said: "the vaccination rate is still low, and there is room for improvement. The increasing age of the owners and pets should be increasing." The survey is the fourth in 1990, 1994, and after the 192, according to the death of the entire animal hospital in Japan, the 5977 dogs and the data of the 3288 cats to calculate the average life expectancy. 1990 years of life for the pet dog 8.6 years old, the cat is 5.1 years old. According to the sixth grade students of the university is responsible for the analysis of Liukawa Haruka said, pet dog, hybrids (14.2 years old) than pure (12.8 years old) live longer, the female cat (12.9 years old) than males (11 years old) live longer. The pet dog died of infectious disease increased from about 30% in 1990 dropped to about 2.5%, pet cat from about 25% to about 12%. The vaccination rate was about 82%, while the pet cat was about 54%.相关的主题文章:


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