Joseph Lau announced the break up Lv Lijun: only wish you a speedy recovery. Joseph Lau and Lv Lijun Sina entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, 98 years Gangjie run Lv Lijun, returned to London after the defeat of reading, doing part-time salesman in the name of the package store. Knowing Joseph Lau at that time changed her life from now on. To know more about each other in love for 16 years (Joseph Lau statement that 2014 has broke up with Lv Lijun), gave birth to a child, the final two people eventually broke up. Joseph Lau today (November 15th), respectively, in 7 newspapers, issued a high-profile statement, announced the girlfriend of many years to break up with his girlfriend, Lv Lijun. In the statement, although Joseph Lau said that a section of the situation with Lv Lijun has become the past tense, but he also shows that he will fulfill his father’s responsibility, in the economy and education, will take care of a pair of young children born with the birth of Lv Lijun. For Joseph Lau’s decision, Lv Lijun reply to the media with a short message: see you (Joseph Lau) so hard, our heart is very painful! No matter who wrote the statement, what is the content is not important, I and the children only hope you recover soon, away from all the people who bother you. At this moment, his mind, God blesses. You say, "tea is the hometown," I understand… Such as Zoe (daughter Liu Xiuying) just said to you: ‘We don’ know to put end to your sickness, but we how to put a smile on your face t an know! Come on! (commissioning editor: Jun Weng fishing)相关的主题文章:


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