Laodiao upstage right? "The wedding" why offer "happy" Love rules – Beijing, Beijing, September 2, by Yao Di, Ng Cheuk Hai, Zheng Yawen, Dani, Li Mincheng, is a love comedy starring city "marriage" why in Shenzhen TV prime time has hit more than half, with high ratings of the kill out of tight encirclement, more much drama fans hot "old Gu Diao and less of this powerful CP". Zheng Yawen and Lee Mincheng two new star couple is the most absorbing eye and "Spotlight", many fans say "love struck see two people bicker, with a face, more like the old dream of becoming Diao Iron Lady:" girls should live as old as Diao, domineering!" As for the "Gu Xiaoben," the boys in love: "Gu Shaomeng five fans three"! "The reason why CP" highly sought after not only in Yan values and people, but also because they revealed the voice of contemporary "urban love syndrome" were! Old Gu Diao and little story as the idol drama debris flow, let you find yourself in, believe in love! The woman in love: the most attractive Xiwai well-matched in strength and gentleness Zheng Yawen broke out in the "marriage" in the sense of why the play, has a powerful gas field, sharp tongued, and frank frank, generous domineering "Diao God" is also. Life is a domineering woman, not sticky not blue, occasionally also feed you a bowl of "poison chicken"; feelings of love to the "Pi Shuainan diamond cuts diamond", do not worry about personal gains and losses, especially independent. The queen Diao hot cold and domineering gold ruffian handsome Gu Xiaoben this section from the "marriage" love story without the basic routines, the food is not greasy?, people feel a life, love is to be happy! This old Diao new era of female image of girls do not let play powder yearn for, do not have been the prince of Cinderella, to do the feelings get the true queen. Talk about a love like the well-matched in strength, the Lao Diao and Gu less direct domineering, you worry about me drunk in spite of eyes can immediately go against, I have a little want to kiss you directly down. Love to love: "the old driver" for fear of marriage is the star model couple broke up, all kinds of wonderful stories to see more, a variety of reasons can be the reason we don’t trust love today. Laodiao escape marriage reasons more cruel, parents will not teach a good example, he is not in love many times in the past tasted the sweetness. The girls do not play on the mentality of audience laodiao empathy: one of you better you want it more behind him, in front of people with various masks to protect themselves, let everyone feel open and uninhibited, is actually afraid of being hurt. More and more women are afraid of marriage, because they can afford their own bread, love will bring unexpected trouble. Zheng Yawen in the eyes of the Lao Diao "have to strong": "Lao Diao who are satisfied, she must give themselves ventured to become invulnerability. She focused on her career and her mother, she rejected love." From the fear of marriage to "get married" Lao Diao broke his own demons, also know that only honest two hearts, can make people brave step into the field of love. Gu is less!相关的主题文章:


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