Web-Design If you want to download Joomla templates on the web these days, there are probably hundreds of places that offering free Joomla templates or even complete Joomla packages. You see, Joomla has become the content management system of choice. Part of its success is that fact that it was developed as an open source system, similar to the Operating System known as Linux. The history of Joomla traces back to around 2000, when it was forked off of another similar system called Mambo. The next time you download a Joomla template, you might enjoy knowing how it is one of those success stories of this decade as well. Because Joomla took the pain out of content management, and because it could easily work with modular extensions like plugins. It became even more popular. The plug ins work in the background to extend Joomla functionality to a new level. And Joomla was able to meet the needs of a more community based internet with even more comprehensive extensions that allow webmasters to build communities, back up websites, translate content and create URLs that are friendlier to the search engines. As it became more popular, it was only a matter of time before the need for businesses to have Joomla templates exploded. And explode it did. You can find free Joomla templates in so many different places. You can download Joomla templates that will do pretty much whatever you need. It is interesting to note that the official Joomla community (where you can download Joomla templates of terrific capability, by the way) is listed has having a forum of more than 200,000 registered users, and over 300,000 Joomla threads, with more than 1.3 million posts and that is in 40 different languages. That is one good sized official Joomla community! There are however, unofficial Joomla communities too. You can see lots of different free Joomla templates and download them as well. There are even bi-directional text support for Hebrew and Arabic. From just the usership and community strength alone it becomes quite easy to see why free Joomla templates are such a great resource for web developers and companies, as well as for individuals or family type websites. There is no shortage of support when you download Joomla templates. There is no concerns about getting yourself into something that you won’t be able to have on your site as mainstream. Then when you take a look at the fact that there are users for Joomla templates in 40 different languages, you begin to see that Joomla has truly gone international. That means no matter what country you are in, no matter what language you are using, more than likely you will be able to download Joomla templates and also access free Joomla templates for your website. There is so much good news when you start looking into Joomla that it is quite refreshing. And another nice thing about Joomla templates is that they are constantly being added to the Joomla communities main sites. As you grow, and need more things for your content management systems, you will find and be able to download Joomla templates to help you achieve that goal. And as the communities keep putting up the Joomla templates you will find more and more free Joomla templates to choose from as well. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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