Health Did you know that just one in six babies will grow up to have blue eyes? Now considered to be the rarest of eye colors, blue was once the eye color of 57 percent of Caucasians living the United States. If you’re one of those blue-eyed babies, consider yourself unique! Are you looking for a way to dress those peepers up? Look no further! We have make up tips for blue eyes that will have your pupils sparkling! Makeup artists tell us that we should always choose an eye shadow color that’s in the opposite spectrum from our eye color. If you’ve ever visited a paint shop, the color spectrum should be familiar, but the color opposite of blue is sort of a tan-ish red. Some make up tips for blue eyes then means choosing earth tones like terra cotta, copper, or any shade of brown from a soft chocolate to a velvety taupe. If you’re really looking to make your eyes pop, embrace make up tips for blue eyes that focus on shimmery pale pinks, golds, or even something .pletely unexpected like orange or fuchsia. A touch of brown just in the crease of your eye will help balance out any bold color and even bring out the more hazel tones some blues often have. For nighttime, make up tips for blue eyes tell us to choose purples or even dark blues. Now, we’re not talking 80’s pale, acid-washed-denim blue, but more of a deep, almost black navy. Think more indigo and stay away from anything pastel. Grey, black, and even a shimmery silver can also work when the lights go down. The classic smoky eye is another great make up tips for blue eyes, but you want to be careful. During the daytime, black eyeliner and black mascara can look too harsh for blues. Try a soft brown pencil instead. At night, don’t be afraid to try charcoal or even a deep plum eyeliner. As make up tips for blue eyes go, you’ll give those baby blues and unexpected twist. Keep the rest of your makeup simple and your eyes will be the center of attention. One of the best make up tips for blue eyes is to try a soft blue pencil just on your bottom eyelid. It will bring out the whites of your eyes more and draw attention to your eye color even more. Copyright (c) 2010 John Howell About the Author: Before you start a weight management strategy, you have to prepare yourself mentally for the challenge. Remember that losing 10 pounds won’t take place overnight. … 相关的主题文章:


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