A man about 16 years old twins to find out tea bath apartment with no money man about 16 years old twins to find out tea bath apartment no money no sisters and friends to buy clothes for the spoils after being captured by Wang Yilin (a pseudonym) and Wang Yifei (a pseudonym) is a pair of twin sisters. Two people born in 2000, junior high school education, before the incident had been living in Haikou. Two people on suspicion of theft, in July 24th this year, under criminal detention, was arrested in August 24th. In October 10th, Haikou City Xiuying District People’s Procuratorate on guilty of theft prosecution to Xiuying District People’s court. Reporter Chen Dong correspondent Li Jiaoping Chen Dannv sisters heard a friend recommended, stole 4900 yuan men fled the scene in July 23rd L7 PM, Wang Yilin, Wang Yifei and friends Xu (the situation is unknown, at large) and her boyfriend in Haikou, South Po a drink of water, a million to the sisters sent a message, invitation both of them to an apartment in Haikou (an office) and then go to dinner waiting for tea. Some understanding about the situation, let Wang Yilin and Wang Yifei for a chance to steal a million of money, she and her boyfriend in the downstairs. The sisters agreed. When Wang Yilin arrived in Haikou, Wang Yifei was invited to an apartment room, a million is the amount of money, after put into the computer desk drawer and unlocked. Let a couple of sisters waiting for tea, and so he went out to eat after a good bath. Wang Yilin, Wang Yifei took advantage of a million in the bath, the drawer is about 4900 yuan stolen, then went downstairs to the money to xu. Xu from the proceeds took 500 yuan to Wang Yilin, Wang Yi Fei, after separately take a taxi to leave the scene. Wang Yilin and Wang Yifei fled to the Red City Lake Road from Tainan, after dark two people took 500 yuan to buy clothes caught. The two sisters started to drop out of school, wandering society will father telephone number "black", another investigation, the defendant Wang Yilin, Wang Yi Fei Department of twin sisters, was born in May 15, 2000, when the incident were under eighteen years of age. In the process of trial, the court learned that Wang Yilin Wang Yifei, the first after the end of the desire to learn, two people dropped out after wandering the society do not want to go home, no source of social cognition is too shallow, poor self-control, no emotional communication with their parents, even the father telephone number blacklisted, no ability of parenting two people. Through the trial education, Wang Yilin, Wang Yifei deeply regret for their actions, that it has realized the mistake will start with a clean slate, new life. The court held that the defendant Wang Yilin, Wang Yifei for the purpose of illegal possession of secret Gang steal the victim’s property worth 4900 yuan, two people’s behavior constituted theft, should be punished according to law. The defendant Wang Yilin, Wang Yifei crime under eighteen years of age, should be given a lighter punishment according to law. In accordance with the relevant regulations of the judgment as follows: the defendant Wang Yilin guilty of theft, sentenced to six months imprisonment, fined 1000 yuan; the defendant Wang Yi Fei guilty of theft, sentenced to six months imprisonment, fined 1000 yuan.相关的主题文章:


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