The key to try to open the shop along the street man picked up the "ant" stealing change more than 9 points this morning, opened a snack shop in the vicinity of a small commodity city Nanjing Jiangning District Cheng boss alarm, said his store for thousands of dollars in cash register in the stolen. The local park police station rushed to the scene to understand the situation, after the transfer to see surveillance equipment of the shop, found a man has easy access to the shop theft. The police locked the identity of the man and the arrested, after the initial trial, the man confessed that he picked up a key in the street, and then try to open the shop along the street, finally opened a snack shop owner, and to "ant", has 4 times to unlock shoplifting, stole 4700 yuan in cash and some cigarettes. Currently, the man has been detained by the police. According to Cheng boss introduced the same day at 8 o’clock in the morning to open the door to do business, when the cashier doing business on the side of the inventory change, found that the number of the previous night on the right, immediately report to him. Cheng boss also found wrong, hurriedly call home, asked if there is no money but come to the door, everyone in the family to say no, wrong owner to call the police. Subsequently, the police retrieved the snack shop monitoring, found that the day of the incident at around 2:50, a man entered the store and stole the silver will receive the change in taiwan. However, the police and the surprise of the boss, the scene did not find the door lock pry marks, the windows are shut tightly. So, this thief is how to enter the store crime? With doubt, the police retrieved surveillance snack shop around, then found the man of theft, and entered a nearby cafe "chic". To this end, the police began to squat in the cafe, surnamed Shen smoothly this man arrested suspects. According to Shen account, he was able to easily get in and out of the shop, because a few days ago picked up a key on the road. Shen said, he picked up a key, think this key may be what stores lost, then secretly took the key to lock the shops along the street tried again, eventually try to process the boss shop, opened the door, see the money inside the cupboard, he took. Shen said, in order not to attract attention, the first time he took about 500 yuan in cash, he took some smoke; second took 600 yuan, also took some smoke; took 800 third yuan, but also took some smoke; the fourth is a 2800 Yuan Shun two cigarettes. In the end, because too much emphasis was finally found. Currently, Shen suspicion of theft has been Jiangning police criminal detention, the case is still under further investigation.相关的主题文章:


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