Meng Fei due to injury of lost work exposes the pressure is still a nightmare [Abstract] "Lu Yu about big coffee day" in fifth will be broadcast tonight. In the show, Meng Fei will bring Lu Yu with the Nanjing local pioneer bookstore, Lu Yu will also show deep exploring Meng Fei "legendary life". Public private life for the first time! The dog was Mrs. Meng Fei generous for "debris" attack Meng Fei Tencent entertainment new reality show style chat show "Lu Yu about" big coffee a day in fifth will be broadcast tonight. The program has received critical acclaim since its launch, the first two insight into daily life and work of Asia’s richest man, "Wang Jianlin and" net red handed female president ", netizens refer to fun". And last week, "Mingzui cafe" Meng Fei is a breath of fresh air to the show. Meng Fei witty sense of humor to let everyone pleasantly surprised, and Lu Yu’s Nanjing tour is Meng Fei feel comfortable life attitude. This program, Meng Fei will bring Lu Yu with the Nanjing local pioneer bookstore, Lu Yu will also show deep exploring Meng Fei "legendary life". Don’t tell yourself defeated the work-related injury insurance disability to change the fate of Meng Fei since his debut, the humorous and yet wise style, popular. As a host of years of love shows, Meng Fei, "do not believe that women do not care about a man who does not have money, do not believe that men do not care about what the woman looks like," the unique concept of love. We sigh in his "life", Meng Fei also revealed his early history of bitterness in the program, just to work have suffered a serious injury, two steel drum clip to the thickness of the A4 paper into, Meng Fei described the blood like martial arts film special effects in general jet out. Meng Fei lost his job again after a nearly life – threatening injury. In those days the lowest point of his life, Meng Fei thinks he is an out and out loser, but Meng Fei himself never thought so in the past, the local people will have light, will comfort themselves with the spirit of Ah Q in the darkest of times, believe there will be one day and rise head and shoulders above others. This is a turning point in unemployment is the life of Meng Fei, he came to the Nanjing TV station, this is the next move and counter attack his legendary life. Program, when Lu Yu asked to choose to go back to a certain stage of life, Meng Fei said he was very satisfied with their life through, admits not to choose to go back. Instead of 18 years of their own that do not worry, you will be very red! It is the life experience and feeling like this also let Lu Yu lamented the happiness of life". Why is Lu Yu in the program evaluation of Meng Fei is a wonderful combination of art and the marketplace breath? The experience makes very Meng cannot bear to think of the past nightmares frankly fear presided over the new year’s concert in 2002 Taiwan leader Meng Fei boldly, its sharp original views and outspoken style completely subverts the cognition of traditional news, is to obtain the fans of all ages, so that we accept the "Nanjing zero distance in the true sense". However, this nearly 10 years after the news broadcast, so far up to haunt Meng Fei, round the clock work has brought great pressure to Meng Fei. One piece per day.相关的主题文章:


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