Mobile phone wallet stolen informant jiancaiqiyi drug traffickers suspected of theft was arrested in Washington (reporter correspondent Zhou Jingjing Wu Yanping Ke aesthetics) 25 year old Lumou this is to assist the police arrested drug traffickers "informant", but the mobile phone and wallet stolen jiancaiqiyi drug. Recently, Lu is a suspicion of theft Wuchang District procuratorate. Lumou know a lot due to drug drug traffickers, voluntarily into a police informer". One day in August, Lumou call dealer Liu, Liu about "delivery" to the Wang family business acquaintances. Soon, Liu and his girlfriend a greeting party. The two sides are the Wang family living in the transaction, the scene and arrested by the police. He a police in the preliminary review of other people, will carry his wallet quietly hidden in the corner of the living room in a cupboard, but all of this is Lu saw. Subsequently, the 4 were taken back to the police station for further investigation. That night, the police to conduct a review of Ryu, Liu’s cell phone on the desk of a police. Late 11, the police investigation is completed, Lu left the police station, took the opportunity to Liu’s cell phone secretly into the pockets of clothes to leave. Then, Lumou returned to Wang’s home, pretended to find the key, and he is a wallet. I think, Liu and his girlfriend were arrested, she lost her wallet was also afraid to alarm." Lu said, did not expect second days was arrested by the police. After investigation, he has 1400 yuan of money in a purse, Liu’s mobile phone worth 850 yuan identified.相关的主题文章:


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