Motivational stickers! The United States will lean to just perfect to strike a deep chord! Lead: when small figures when weighing too large, especially love to write paper thin, others bring positive energy inspirational. This is not, but also to the stage to eat a little more weight figure a little big, come, we talk about just how thin is important. (source: ELLE Chinese network) Story1: this is a sad story about Disney, fortunately happy ending 32 year old Laura Green, weight was more than 133kg! She was very afraid of going to Disney because of her heavy weight, and she was refused to take part in the rides for security reasons. This experience made her determined to lose weight! After years of struggle, Laura through the adjustment of their eating habits, and adhere to the strenuous exercise, and now she can finally go to Disney park to achieve childhood dream. Laura’s story tells us: 1, leaving those fat clothes, wear the same paragraph absolutely can take the most exciting before & after photo. 2, Laura weight loss history is not plain sailing, at the beginning of the use of the stomach with a mandatory weight loss, not only to produce complications, but also because of excessive anxiety and weight is not falling. After adjusting for exercise + diet to lose weight, successfully dumped nearly 50kg. Story2: every people who hurt you, hurt you every piece of photos should be for the 31 year old Sarah Reynolds is a mother of three children, in the birth of third children, she weighed 101kg, wearing No. 18. When she saw her PO in the social media photos were evaluated as fat and ugly, determined to take the road to weight loss. Slimmed down hundreds of pounds, users praise her pretty. Sarah’s story tells us: 1, becoming a mother is not equal to obesity. 2, those who say you fat people, whether it is good or malicious, are you on the road to reduce the catalyst. 3, social media to help people see yourself with your pretty joke let those passers-by shut up. Story3: your health, is for the one who loves you best commitment and companionship from British Malvern, 32 year old Clare Low once every day to eat 5 bags of chips, 18 bags of biscuits, weighing about 108kg. She couldn’t breathe when playing with two children, so she decided to lose weight. 14 months later her weight dropped to about 64kg. The story of Clare tells us: 1, the food that you know you shouldn’t eat, please don’t eat any more. The best way to stop eating is to stop buying. 2, take care of yourself, you will have more time to take care of your child. 3, please note that Clare is not in a month or two months to lose weight quickly, her weight loss period of more than a year. Story4: do you think this is an article that you lose weight? No, it’s a depth article that calls for moderate weight loss!相关的主题文章:


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