Nanjing network about car management approach to the driver of the local residence registration or residence permit 14, Nanjing issued a "network booking taxi management approach (Trial)" draft. According to the approach, Nanjing will strictly limit the network about the car driver’s household registration, as well as the requirements of more than 1.8 vehicles driving requirements. According to the content of the draft, in the net about car service driver shall comply with the following conditions: (a) a residence in the city or the city residence; (two) to obtain the corresponding quasi driving type motor vehicle driving license and has more than three years of driving experience; (three) no traffic accident crime, crime of dangerous driving records no, no driving after drinking drug records, records, the recent three consecutive scoring cycle no record of twelve points records; (four) no record of violence; (five) other conditions stipulated by laws and regulations. For the business network about the car vehicle, you must meet the following requirements: (a) registered in the traffic administrative department of the public security organs in the registration of seven and below the passenger car, and for the initial registration to obtain the "vehicle license" from the date of not more than two years; (two) fuel vehicle wheelbase more than two thousand and seven hundred mm, and the engine power reached one hundred and eight kw. The new energy vehicle wheelbase reached two thousand six hundred and fifty mm or more, including pure electric vehicle mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) reached more than one hundred and fifty km, plug-in (including by program) hybrid vehicles under the condition of pure electric mileage of fifty kilometers or more; (three) the vehicle with ABS anti lock braking system, brake power distribution system, traction control, brake assist system and vehicle electronic stability control system security configuration; (four) the installation device has a vehicle driving record function of satellite positioning device, with image taking function in the vehicle and emergency alarm device; (five) the nature of the use of vehicles for taxi booking registration. In addition, in accordance with the management approach, the driver or network platform company should be in accordance with the provisions of the traffic administrative department. Administrative departments of transportation shall, in conjunction with the public security organs of passenger security management departments for verification and assessment in accordance with the provisions of these measures, to meet the conditions and assessment of qualified drivers, issued by the administrative departments of transportation network about car driver license. Distribution of the vehicle driver’s license is valid for three years.相关的主题文章:


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