Nantong Haian " car does not allow pedestrians; " formal penalty   a driver is 3 points — Jiangsu windows — original title: "don’t let my county car pedestrian" officially opened the penalty rectification for the vehicle does not comity pedestrian traffic habits, advocate civilization, comity and harmony "of the traffic environment I, the county police department installed electronic police equipment in the Taining Yangtze River Road market in front of the intersection, traffic violations capture in zebra vehicle does not give way to pedestrians. After debugging, the capture device was launched in September 20th. Recently, a gray Mazda car from west to east by the Taining section of the Yangtze River Road in front of the market, a zebra crossing the road ahead of a man is crossing the road from north to south, and has been through the isolation pile. But the driver directly across the lane stop line, the first to pass, resulting in pedestrians have to stop waiting in the adjacent lanes, the entire process is a complete record of electronic monitoring. The violation of the driver will face a fine of 50 yuan, a record of 3 points penalty. China’s "road traffic safety law" forty-seventh article: motor vehicles passing through the crosswalk, the driver shall reduce speed; when pedestrians are passing the crosswalk, should stop. A motor vehicle without traffic signal such as roads, pedestrian crossing the road, should avoid. Police said the comity zebra is the embodiment of city civilization, but also the respect for life. Punishment is only a means, so that drivers consciously abide by traffic regulations, the development of civilized and safe travel habits is the ultimate goal. (Fan Yao Zhou Ying) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章:


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