national demonstration zone of agricultural park Tunchang; greet the first day thousands of tourists — Hainan window — Tunchang Hainan windows on 7 October, (reporter Ji Yu) October 1st, HNA Group ha farm HNA tourism development limited liability company launched the National Agricultural Demonstration Park Tunchang area — officially test pigs business. This set of sightseeing agricultural science, entertainment, parent-child outdoor, catering accommodation and business services and other functions in one of the new agricultural theme park, located in the Tunchang County poxin Town, covers an area of 416 acres, about an hour’s drive from Haikou. According to reports, the pig farm lol according to the modernization of agriculture and tourism projects to build, provide organic fruit and vegetable picking, Dodo, barbecue, pig BBQ sur Diaoyutai grinding workshop & pottery, DIY house, happy children’s parent-child zoo, black pig Tuo training field, hut cafe, conference room, garden pond, fish touch the mother pig supermarket, hotel, restaurant, container lake water canoeing and other fun projects, to meet the individual needs of different tourists. The first day of the national day of business, pig ha ha farm ushered in a group of special small guests – Haikou Social Welfare Institute 27 Little Red Riding Hood angel. In Hainan Tourism under the leadership of the staff, Little Red Riding Hood who came to the farm pig guest haha. Small red hat to play the main items are: to enjoy the view of the promenade, the experience of the children’s paradise amusement facilities, watch the parent zoo, watch greenhouse and corn picking activities. In addition, the farm also has prepared for the small red hat animation appreciation, cake of game link, and to celebrate the birthday of the motherland talent show. Little Red Riding Hood in this day, not only can find the fun of playing, the courage to show myself; and close to nature, expand their scope of knowledge; but also indirectly through the influence of patriotism, love family fun to receive the idea, significance. It is reported that the pig ha ha farm on the first day of the national day trial operation to usher in 1462 tourists to local residents and the people of Haikou. During the national day, pig ha ha’s farm for tourists to prepare a variety of fruits and vegetables, fruit picking, family fishing time, family fun games and other colorful activities. (commissioning editor Wang Ning and Jiang Chengliu)相关的主题文章:


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