During this time you may change career, look for a new job, start a new project, enroll on a new course. With Saturn in Libra forming a close trine with the eclipse, it will help you to bring structure to the changes you need to make in your life. Be aware of any lies or secrets you have been withholding because once the New Moon comes into Gemini, everything could come out in the wash. Expect things to be revealed adding an eclipse to this New Moon is like having a Gemini Moon on steroids, so everything is amplified. Watch out for gossip become aware of what you are saying and the powerful impact of your words for good or for ill. Youll probably feel quite restless and want to be doing something. You might find yourself travelling more than usual. An eclipse is a guidepost to an area in your life that will be stimulated for the next six months or more. In my chart this New Moon in Gemini falls in my 11th house which could mean the beginnings of new friendships, new dreams and wishes, daring to go for what I want and trusting in the universe, new teaching opportunities I am going to start doing online workshops and astrology retreats in the next few weeks and I am sure this will have a far reaching effect on my career and also touch people far and wide around the world. Its exciting, its getting me thinking in a new way, communicating in new ways. As always with Gemini, theres something that needs to be learned. Im going through a steep learning curve about web conferencing, live video streaming which is a whole new language for me and Gemini rules languages and learning. So this is how I plan to make the best use of this partial solar eclipse in my 11th house. Maybe this New Moon solar eclipse is falling in your third house of learning, this could mean that your attitudes, your beliefs and the way you communicate your ideas is changing. You may start a new course of study, you might develop your public speaking ability, you may develop a new marketing plan to promote yourself and your ideas. What you can be sure of is that wherever this eclipse falls in your chart, there will be swift and interesting changes in that area of your life. This is a time of new beginnings, new plans, new projects, gathering information, brainstorming, bouncing ideas around, being clever and creative, doing something new, learning or teaching something new. Things can happen quickly and unexpectedly, be prepared for some surprises! Good things to do during a Gemini New Moon: Reading, writing, speaking, Having discussions and debates, Being adaptable and willing to change, Questioning everything in your life Having fun and playing around seeing life in a lighthearted way Going to a comedy show or watching something funny, telling a good joke Playing games and being lighthearted Finding new and creative ways of communicating Starting to use telepathy check out the power of your mind Becoming aware of your thinking processes Getting clear about what you want to manifest as it can happen quickly Researching new ideas Networking and sharing information Being sociable and meeting up with a friend for coffee and a chat Short term projects Listening carefully Making something with your hands Developing a marketing plan Meeting new people Negotiating a deal Listen to your own inner guidance and not too much to the chatter inside your head. Be aware of your thinking and dont get into a negative or critical downward spiral. Expect to be busier than ever and you will need to listen to your body and know when you need to rest. Gemini is all about communications, writing, video, Skype, email, web-conferencing etc. We may see huge global advances in our communication technologies over the next six months. The way you communicate in your one to one relationships will come under sharp focus. If you have someone in your life with whom you are estranged and you wish to make contact with them at this time, you may find a new way of getting through to them. Its a time to be prepared to listen carefully so that you can understand what the other person is experiencing. This could bring about great healing and renewal in your relationships. You might find yourself taking a short trip to get out of a rut or to have a change in routine. About the Author: ..yourastrologysigns.. 相关的主题文章:


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