.puters-and-Technology When Nikon released its first projector camera, S1000 pj, it was tagged by experts as an innovative device, .bining a powerful camera with a projector. However, on the connectivity side, it has certain drawbacks, as it cannot be connected to a laptop for beaming up certain images and documents on the camera. This certain drawback has not anyway harmed the popularity of the camera, as people are using Nikon with a new fervor. Now, the latest model released by Nikon, which is called as, Nikon Coolpix S1100pj, is also equipped with the real lamp projector built into its front chassis. This feature helps users to effectively project images and scintillating videos onto any flat surface. This means that users can not only take the camera with them but a projector too, utilizing it for multiple purposes. Lets take a look at some of the most important features of this Nikon camera. Physical Appearance The latest Nikon Coolpix S1100pj is a very retro looking, .pact camera that is very much similar to its previous model, although it is a bit rounder from the edges, giving it a more funkier look. Nikon has indeed done a great job of .bining all the stuff into this camera, without the need of transforming it into a bulkier camera. Build quality of the camera is pretty amazing and the projector and the zoom lens is not all cluttered. Projector You can easily turn on the projector by just pressing a button on the back of the camera. The amazing thing is that you can project the image from either a mere distance of 20cm or a total of 2m. A3 pictures are quite good and the brightness level is also perfect. Although this projection looks really good, but it is not so amazing and the projection experience of pictures and video is nothing excellent. An added advantage for the business users is that, the camera Nikon Coolpix S1100pj can be connected to any .puter and contents, such as photos and videos can be projected via the camera. Camera Although, the built-in projector in the camera is the best feature, we cannot forget its camera altogether. The camera houses a 14.1MP sensor, Nikkor Lens having 5xzoom, an electronic vibration reducer and a lens-shift technology. .ing over to the image quality offered by the camera, images are indeed crisp with good resolution and having pretty realistic colors. The camera is unable to handle sharper images, having higher contrast index and plus the users will also experience some chromatic aberrations fault. A special Re-touch menu enables the users to edit and enhance the images within the camera environment and the adjustments include options of Soft touch and a series of Scene modes. In the Auto mode, the ISO can be changed and exposure .pensation can also be managed. The camera is also equipped with a high-res 3-inch touchscreen at the back which means lesser hard buttons. Overall, with a price of 300 pounds this is a good camera with an added option of projector and if you are searching for a mid range camera, then you should definitely go for it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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