Ningbo issued an emergency notice: the prevention of heavy rainfall and secondary disasters in September 28th at 17:30 PM, Su Cun Bei Jie Zhen Lishui Suichang County landslides, some houses were destroyed, at present, has initially identified 27 people lost contact. Provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Standing Committee Xia Baolong made instructions immediately, requiring the organization to do all the work quickly to rescue work, to do a good job in the treatment of injured workers. To pay attention to science rescue to prevent secondary disasters, to the affected people to do the transfer, evacuation and resettlement and relief work. All localities should pay close attention to Mopai, to prevent similar incidents. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor of Che Jun also make instructions, request to rescue people’s lives and property safety as the first task, go all out, rescue personnel trapped at all costs. In part I, heavy rain to heavy rain and severe flood current, Provincial Committee and party secretary, acting mayor Tang Yijun also given instructions: all localities and departments should earnestly implement the provincial Party committee secretary Xia instructions required to pay close attention to the catfish typhoon rainfall influence, to prevent the occurrence of landslides, landslides and other secondary geological disasters. Thorough investigation of geological hazards, in a timely manner, the mass transfer hedge work, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property. According to the analysis of the meteorological department, affected by the typhoon "catfish" peripheral circulation in our city last night until today still has continuous rainfall, local heavy rain, coupled with the early rainfall, soil water saturation, can easily lead to flash floods and landslides, landslides and other secondary disasters of all kinds. Last night, Ningbo Shifang Zhi released on doing an emergency notice the current heavy rainfall and secondary disaster prevention work. Shifang Zhi called on all localities and departments to seriously implement the provincial and city leaders instructions, strengthen emergency duty, closely monitor rainfall situation, timely warning information, to highlight the implementation of various measures to prevent heavy rainfall, especially to strengthen mountain flood prone areas, geological disaster point, dilapidated, sheds and other dangerous area and its position the prevention work, quickly do safety risk area personnel transfer, who can not ensure safety, should immediately organize personnel transfer, to ensure that the dead people, less hurt; around to check, monitoring and safety management of water conservancy project row further improve the risks of geological disasters. Member, flash floods and geological disasters of all kinds of small watershed early warning monitor inspector, and various types of reservoirs, ponds and dike safety responsibility, inspection personnel should stick to their posts, strengthen inspections and monitoring efforts, danger, the first time warning, immediately take emergency measures to ensure the safety and security. At the same time, all localities should strengthen urban flood control and drainage, drainage facilities, operation and implement strong emission measures, make emergency preparations to prevent waterlogging drainage, flooded.相关的主题文章:


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