Nu River: sixty years of vicissitudes in   writing achievement — Yunnan channel — from Pan ge of rattan, bamboo across the river to the asphalt road, the steel bridge; from the living room to the fence back pay, eat enough to live comfortably, live in new homes; from Matsuji Terua hills, the loudspeaker to lights, mobile communication…… Known as the "Pearl of Sanjiang" reputation of Gongshan Dulong Nu Autonomous County was founded 60 years, has made great economic and social development, national culture heritage and development, people’s living standards gradually improve, the changes in urban and rural areas happened to turn the world upside down. Now the mountain, Castle Peak water, full of vitality. The Party Central Committee and the State Council, the concern and support of all levels of government and provincial departments, Gongshan County, people of all ethnic groups to the project, ningxinjuli foundation, grasping industry battle poverty, promote economic and social leap to catch up, fighting in the battle of poverty alleviation comprehensive well-off journey. One step across thousands of years of vicissitudes in the town to see Luo C qiunatong village 90 years old now Dilisha, eat well, dress well, live well, live a simple and happy children marry and settle down. "The village has changed so much that it would be nice to be able to eat a whole family of meat a month ago. Have to go back and forth to the town every day, also have a few. Now what you want there, just a few hours back and forth to the town, very convenient." Dirisa said that the village in recent years, the development of tourism is very good, a lot of people do farmhouse, increased revenue. Before the founding of new China, many places still in Gongshan County in the late primitive society. After the founding of new Chinese, Gongshan County people step into the socialist society. In October 1, 1956, Gongshan derungzu Nuzu Zizhixian was formally established, has opened a new page. 60 years ago, not an inch in the road, not a car. People go to climb, climb the ladder, liusuo shiyan. 60 years later, the county highway traffic mileage of more than and 700 kilometers, the administrative village access rate of 100%, through the border crossing markum, skygreat, under construction to Gongshan Deqin, Gongshan to Sulawesi, Gongshan Bingzhongluo to Longjiang, Tibet to Tibet highway in the north, South, East and west "two vertical and two horizontal" road traffic gradually forming; Longjiang highway Gaoligongshan tunnel through the end of the first half of the snow Dulong Township history; implementation of electric village full coverage of rural power grids, built the country’s first 20 thousand volt Township independent power grid, mobile phone, Internet, digital television has been widely spread in modern communication carrier. At present, Bingzhongluo town key water project has started construction, in general airport has completed the "report" and "demonstration site for navigation service analysis report", the Longjiang township of landing point is carrying out work site, in people’s aviation dreams are no longer distant, six C two road construction, no end in the history of high grade highway. In the past, the vast majority of people are illiterate. Today, the basic literacy of young adults, but also has a master’s degree, doctor and Professor, and the emergence of the old magistrate Gao Derong as a representative of a group of outstanding cadres. In the care of the party and government, 60 years of hard work, Gongshan County economic construction has achieved a historic leap. 2015, the county’s Gross Regional Product相关的主题文章:


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