In October 40 brand enterprises to take the average price fell nearly 6 [Abstract] according to CRIC Statistics Research Center shows that in October, 40 of the price monitoring brand enterprises get to the amount of the chain there are different degrees of decline Beijing News (reporter Xiao Lan) according to statistics grams and Swiss research center data show that in October, 40 brand enterprises get to the amount of price monitoring of the chain there are different degrees of decline. Among them, the most obvious decline was the average transaction price, from 9614 yuan in September square meters fell to $4195 square meters in October, down 56.36%. Return to a low level during the year. October, the province issued a number of land control policies, such as land price orders. Similar policies directly control the highest price of land transfer. In addition, a second tier cities to reduce land supply, 40 housing prices in these cities to invest heavily reduced. From the perspective of corporate performance, sales reached one hundred billion in housing prices, Evergrande, Vanke, country garden and other enterprises to actively expand. Among them, Hengda get to the total area ranks 40 in the home of the first enterprises to spend 6 billion 64 million yuan to take 2 million 288 thousand square meters of soil reservoir, Nanchang, Chengdu, coded layout of Ningbo city; Vanke is October to take the largest investment enterprises, with the investment amount of up to 11 billion, 7 billion 450 million enterprises to win the Tianjin block, the floor price of up to 22628 yuan for the month of 40 square meters, the highest turnover of the total price of land. Grams and Swiss Research Center believes that, overall, in October the majority of housing prices through the strokes to get the hang of the investment has been reduced, 18 to get the housing prices in the housing prices to get into the ring fell 13.相关的主题文章:


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