Advertising Access control system as the name suggests is a system which helps in controlling the accessibility of an entity. This entity can be a particular object or specific surroundings or any other thing which has to be safeguarded and be provided with restricted access. For example if you want only an authorized person or specific group of people to access the room, building, system, parking slot etc then you can set an access control system for the particular entity thereby making its access restricted to specific individuals. Security, integrity, information confidentiality, resources management, vehicle parking management and human flow management could be certain areas where the access control systems are usually employed. One of the most important forms of access control systems widely employed these days are the parking access controllers. An access control system for parking management is usually installed at the vehicle parking lots like parking spaces at public areas in order to ensure the safety of the vehicles and to control the vehicle traffic at the place. A parking management system is an automatic control system and can guarantee the efficiency of the task which may be doubtful in the case of humans. With machines you are always sure to get the required performance without any cheating or nuisance activities taking place which can be big problem in case of human security systems. The common forms of parking control systems include RFID parking system and parking revenue control system. A parking revenue control system is based on the use of tokens like tickets or cards. The vehicle for entry into a slot restricted with such parking control system will require paying specific charges based on the parking time. In a ticket parking revenue system, a ticket is issued to the user as a parking permit for parking the vehicle in available free space in the lot while in the card revenue parking control the user takes a card to enter the parking lot and pays the parking fee before leaving. While these access control systems work with the help of a computerized system, a RFID parking system can work even without a computer control. This system works on a long range RFID reader and RFID tags. Here a RFID reader with stored records of the users is installed at the place of entry of vehicle. The active RFID tag or sticker is usually attached at the inside of windscreen of the vehicle which can get response from the reader even when the vehicle is at the distance from the reader thereby allowing the user to park his vehicle easily. This is an access control system which validates the user automatically without the user requiring to collect ticket or card or pay for the parking. This is therefore also known as hand free parking system. Further information about Different Types of Access Control Systems Click Here Conclusion: Therefore access control systems are great sources for parking management at public spaces. These ensure better safety and integrity and therefore help in better management of vehicles at parking zones. This article educates readers about the significance of access control systems and provides information on various types of access control systems used for parking management. This article has been taken from Source: 相关的主题文章:


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