Please do not use you do not want to delay, such an excuse to pay attention to my public number, Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: 1 original title: military soldier, do not use "do not want to delay you to break up perfunctory me please don’t put me off again the same reason, is the phrase" don’t want to hold you". Repeated questioning, you said, parents do not approve of family conditions they do not look good." Is there really such a parent? Want to marry a daughter-in-law to change the family life? The local women are said to be realistic, it is difficult for you to be an officer in the barracks as well? Let me ask you, your family and good conditions in where? You said, "uncle and uncle conditions are very good, I hope you find a better family conditions." What does your uncle’s life have to do with you? If I go to your hometown to find a job that is almost the same as my present job, even if it’s not the right one? If you can’t arrange, they are good and good? Even if they are really good conditions, it was your grandparents gave it? No, they come to me, I remember you said, your family, your home only condition is not very good, you don’t want to find a home to the daughter-in-law, but thinking about looking for a good family condition, I am speechless. Your parents have never seen me, why deny me? I remember your ex girlfriend because your mom said she was short, so you left. Your mother this time I did not meet the requirements of your family, you also broke up. Why are your parents so picky? Why can’t you fix your heart and think about why we were together. Why do you think you will look back after breaking up? You say you have no chance to meet several times a year, and feeling more and more light, go on, I’ll tell you why, because you are not firm, so your parents for you to find a better choice, so you think you can find a better one, then you hesitated, then you will not single-hearted want to be with me, so you will not go to the management of the feelings. Led to what you call the feelings of desalination. I thought we be married, but you and your family does not think so. I can only accept the result of breaking up, because I can not choose my parents to my family. Besides, I don’t think my family is poor. To my character, I really want to call your parents, ask them where I don’t deserve you! Used to sleep at night, accustomed to waiting for a certain time to call you, whether I work overtime every day to a few points, daily work hard, only time you call me to sleep well. Remember when we first met, every day to chat late, there are endless topic, one hundred of the WeChat, countless phone. Remember when you were out of town or in a hurry, you told me in advance that you were going out to eat and take a picture of me. Slowly, too many obstacles between you and me, your heart相关的主题文章:


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