Internet-and-Business-Online Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel began their sales career selling Nutrilite, a vitamin supplement. Then they created Amway, a .pany many of us are familiar with today. Through Amway, they gave independent business owners the opportunity to make money by selling Amway products. In 1999, they founded Quixtar as a way to introduce Amway to internet marketing. Now, they continues to grow as it changes from Quixtar North America to Amway Global. Quixtar offers individuals an opportunity to make profits from selling respected and well-known products. In fact, they offer .pensation that leads other .panies in the industry. When you work for them, you never have to work alone. You will always have the support of the .pany available to you so that you can answers based on experience and knowledge of the Amway products. Amway has always been known for their cleaning products but over the past several years, they have be.e the number one online retailer for health and beauty products. That means when you work for Quixtar, not only do you work at your own home but you sell products that are among those that are the most used products of their kind globally. Amway Global still carries products for your home and personal needs that have been preferred by Amway customers for year. As an Independent Business Owner for Quixtar, you will be provided with a large assortment of products that you won’t only sell to everyone you know, but that you will be delighted with yourself. If you want to stick strictly to one area, you can specialize in one type of product, such as beauty. Nutrilite is still available from Quixtar and .es in several different formulas including those formulated for kids, women, men, and those used for weight loss. They also carry Double X, a multivitamin that Quixtar has named "The World’s Best Multivitamin". All products are researched for quality and are patented because they are effective products that you can feel good about selling to others. If you sell products for Quixtar, you will make money on the retail markup of the products. Depending on the amount of products you sell in a month’s time, you will receive monthly performance bonuses of three percent to twenty-five percent of your sales profit. There are also bonuses that go to groups based on their .bined overall performance. Quixtar provide you with a good support system so that you never feel like you’re on your own. Training is available to you and they provide you with support online, as well as a websites that you can personalize to help your business grow. Whatever happened to selling Amway products? It went online through Quixtar and turned into a multi billion dollar business. Through Quixtar, you can have your own web-based business where you will sell high-quality respected products without any risk to your own finances. They will provide you with the tools and products to help you succeed and reward you for your success! About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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