Fashion-Style If you are looking for a formal dress then you will glad to know that a formal dress .es in all sizes and shapes. Before starting just know your body type and shop accordingly. Sometimes a very pretty dress also does not look good if you dont have that proper body for it. Choosing a right type of dress for you isnt that difficult and time consuming. If you now what to look for then it might be.e fun for you to go shopping. If you have a figure like a pear then go for a much fitted top and an A-line or full skirt. This will help in accentuating your waistline and will help you in removing attention from your heavy bottom. It is never re.mended that a heavy bottomed woman wear a short dress as this will highlight your bottom and you will look heavier. Generally short formal dresses are ideal for a woman with long legs or slim figure. Women with slim figure look great in formals and semi formals. These dresses flare out and it gives an illusion of curves than the actual ones. Many times these types of dresses also look good in ballroom. If you have a slim and very sexy figure then go for a dress which draws the attention straight away to the waistline. Dresses like wrap style or those which have a sash or a belt tend to look great on slim ladies. Height is one of the most important things which .e in notice while wearing formal dress. If you dont have a good height then go for a dress which makes you looks a bit taller. Showing legs along with hemline is a very good and wise way to look taller if you dont have that height. A semi formal dress when paired with a slim heels or high heels boots looks very good. And this will also help you in looking taller. If you have a very upper part then a dress with a very pretty neckline will draw attention to the chest but it will also assure that there is sufficient support as a strapless brassiere can be very easily covered underneath. If you want that people doesnt notice your busty part then try to draw the attention towards the hemline and wear something that highlights your hemline. Heavy bottom women should consider searching for a dress that skims over the lower part of the body. A dress which has a fitted halter accents a very trimmed down upper body. There are many formal dresses available in the market. There are thousands of shops which are located in the local malls and shopping .plexes that are present everywhere which offers a wide range of dresses. The employees in these stores are very much trained professionals who can very well help any woman to select the perfect type of dress for her figure. Most often some specialty stores offer tailoring services so that some small changes in a particular dress will make it simply perfect for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


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