Sichuan red peak moment, absolutely not to regret! Sohu – travel to the blink of an eye in November, the next half a month, Sichuan has reached the pinnacle of red, black bean pot recommended to go to these places to see red leaves, then do not have to wait for the next year, NO1 ~ Guangwushan a few days before the fog mountain under the snow, I do not know this leaves is not out of the earlier, now while red fortunately when to go and see, all over the mountains and plains of the leaves, absolutely beautiful! Stand in the towering mountain mist on the mountains, like a long continual away. At the foot of the ground, roads, streams covered by the wind of the leaves, like a red carpet, step up soft and comfortable. Tickets: 90 yuan Taoyuan area; dam area 100 yuan, 80 yuan sightseeing car; eighteen moon scenic 55 yuan, sightseeing car 40 yuan; over 70 years old, the disabled, children under 1.2 meters free tickets. Self driving route: Chengdu – Pakistan Expressway – Bazhong Nanjiang Guangwushan NO2 Jiuzhaigou, the autumn of Jiuzhaigou is like a feast, Haizi golden color forest, blue collocation blue sky green and white collocation Haizi waterfall collocation, purple red maple leaf trees collocation blue sea…… See people dazzling! In November, Jiuzhaigou is the most beautiful time, all colors together, colorful, cenglinjinran, after this time, will enter into the winter, when a piece of white, not what to watch, now go quickly! Tickets: 220 yuan, 90 yuan tickets sightseeing car route: Chengdu – a high-speed filling – Duwen Expressway – Wenchuan – Maoxian – Songpan – Jiuzhaigou NO3, milk ditch in Heishui county to Barkam near the hub, hiding a colorful valley called the name of milk ditch, though a bit tacky, not too the scenery is absolutely beautiful, copious and fluent up to eighty years, into the milk ditch, then entered the long gallery. Beautiful breasts Gou Cai Lin, in the pure blue sky, purple, pink, orange, red, yellow and brown staggered them…… Any words cannot describe the beauty of all this, even good writers will feel speechless. Tickets: free car route: Chengdu Wenchuan Lixian – brush by the temple – soil – Kou Xiang milk ditch NO4, November Four Girls Mountain Four Girls Mountain is the most poetic season, towering snow capped mountains, red, yellow, blue, green, white, cenglinjinran, scenery, as long as Fallen petals lie in profusion., walked into Four Girls Mountain in autumn, you walked into the autumn fairy tale world. Riding a horse lazy horse, stroll walking in the magnificent world, towering in front of the snow capped mountains, with gorgeous color forest behind, even the leaves are like rules like follow the rhythm of falling slowly, everything seems so good to hear or see! Tickets: 80 yuan Shuangqiao Gou, Long Ping Gou Zi Gou 70 yuan, 60 yuan car route: Chengdu – Dujiangyan – Yingxiu – Wolong – balang mountain – Four Girls Mountain NO5, Jinchuan Red Valley, Jinchuan red maple leaf is not, do not fly相关的主题文章:


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