These regulations take effect as of October: circle of friends information can "do card" – Jiangsu windows — original title: since October, these regulations take effect evidence WeChat circle of friends and other electronic data can be used in criminal cases; a driver’s license can "learn before pay"; illegal acts will be dealt with according to the law of food safety network the "five card; one, according to a code registration system reform in the country to promote the civil service exam cheating will never return…… Since October, a number of new laws and regulations and related measures began to implement. The circle of friends information can "do card" by the supreme law, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued "on the handling of criminal cases and review the electronic data collected from some of the provisions" formally implemented. According to the law, the electronic data is able to prove the facts of the case data, web page, blog, microblogging, circle of friends, Post Bar, SkyDrive and other network platform information and mobile phone SMS, e-mail, instant messaging, group communication network application service communication information are electronic data. Clearly, the people’s court, the people’s Procuratorate and the public security organs have the right to obtain the relevant units and individuals to collect electronic data, according to the law. When electronic data is being tampered with or lost, the person in charge of the public security organ at or above the county level or the attorney general may authorize the. "Five one" reducing the burden of the formal implementation of the "five card one, according to a code, the applicant apply for business registration, only need to fill out a form, submit a material to a window. The general office of the State Council promulgated the "Regulations on accelerating the" five one, according to a code for the reform of the registration system notice "clearly, all will be fully implemented" a set of materials, a registration table, a window of acceptance "mode of business license by the registration department issued directly loading the unified social credit code and related information in the national enterprise credit information publicity system publicity, enterprises will no longer handle the social insurance registration and statistics registration certificate. The driving test adopting the new program started by the Ministry of transport, Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "teaching and examination outline" the use of motor vehicle driving training. The outline of the provisions, the actual road driving training distance not less than the minimum of 300 kilometers, two subjects and three subjects to test, test began to implement the "first training after fee" mode. In addition, the outline of the learning time also put forward new requirements. The total hours of C1 card and C2 card were 62 hours and 60 hours, respectively, compared with the original requirements of less than more than and 10 hours. The net sales of food more stringent "food production license review general" "network of food safety violations investigation method" "infant formula milk powder formulations registration" began to implement. According to the relevant regulations, third party network of food trading platform provider and through web transaction record, guarantee the food production operators with food trading network data and data reliability, safety and record keeping transaction information obligations; milk companies to register for milk powder formula, need to submit the application materials as many as 10 project files, including infant formula milk powder product formulation application for registration, certificate distribution)相关的主题文章:


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